Shailene Woodley graces the cover of Net-A-Porter’s ‘The Edit,’ and opens up about her family life, her role in the ‘Snowden’ biopic and other topics in an in-depth interview. She also also poses for a stylist fashion shoot in denim.

Shailene Woodley
Photo: Shailene Woodley
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The actress who rose to fame in the ‘Divergent’ franchise is among the stars of Oliver Stone’s critically acclaimed biopic Snowden about the NSA whistle blowers Edward Snowden — portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt — who is currently exiled in Russia. Woodley portrays Lindsay Mills, the girlfriend he left behind.

Now that she is back on the promo trail, true to form with her typical candor she’s offering up many quotable quotes. In speaking with the publication about her family, she cuts to the chase, so to speak and says, “My family is super f–ked up in many ways, but they are also my everything.” She goes on to say, ““They would do anything for me, and I would do anything for them. That’s a lot more than most people can say about their families. I’m grateful for the s–t that happened.”

Rather than leaving us with an expletive-laced summary of her early years, she goes on to speak of how her mother and father, a counselor and psychologist, respectively, had an unusual method for dealing with the conflicts that she and her brother sometimes got into. If they fought, they had to resolve it by literally hugging it out in public, i.e. on the front lawn in view of neighbors.

She said, ““The whole time you’re just seething, you’re disliking this person with so much energy, but if you let go you have to stay there for an extra hour.” She added, “That was the kind of reverse, manipulative psychology my parents were into!”

She went on speak of what it was like to deal with bullying in school and said, ““And there were times in school, when someone said something really mean. It would hurt my feelings, and my parents weren’t on my side. They would be like, ‘I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way, but what do you think that person was feeling?’”

Continuing, she said, “Oh, I hated it. Now, of course, I understand; it enabled me to recognize that no one’s evil, they’re probably hurting and can’t express themselves, get no love at home, so it’s repeated.” She added, “It gave me a broader outlook: just put yourself in another person’s shoes.”

She also opened up about being in the movie ‘Snowden’ and said, “When I found out they were making this movie, I begged my agents to get me a meeting with Oliver (Stone).” She went on to say, “I just wasn’t on his radar. I don’t think he’d seen anything I’d done… I just wanted to sit down with him and say, as a young woman entering adulthood, thank you for making a movie that will change my life, and my peers’ lives.”

She also came to the defense of the real-life woman she portrays in the movie, Lindsay Mills and takes the media to task for besmirching her. She says, “Lindsay was a yoga and pole-dance instructor, and (the press) tore her apart (saying): ‘Edward Snowden’s girlfriend is a stripper.’ She was a fitness coach… At least when you’re an actor, you expect that kind of reporting, but she never signed up for it.”

There’s much more as she opens up about her career and how she deals with rejection in not getting roles and other topics. You can read the full interview here and see Shailene Woodley’s magazine cover and photo shoot below!

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