Calvin Harris opens up about his new single, ‘My Way.’ The lyrics have sparked speculation that the song is about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. In an interview with iHeart Radio he speaks about the song and its lyrics.

 Calvin Harris

Photo: Calvin Harris
Credit: PR Photos

As the single goes viral, so too do the rumors and the speculation over some of its eyebrow raising lines.
Yes, ‘My Way’ is a spirited EDM dance track with a chorus that repeats “You were the one thing in my way” — numerous times.

It was just a few months ago that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift split after dating for nearly a year and a half. Swift immediately took up a summer romance with actor Tom Hiddleston which ended after three months of incessant PDAs that frequently put social media into an uproar.

By now it’s become the standard expectation. Music artists break up. Songs ensue. Shade is thrown. Social media erupts. After ally, Taylor Swift and her countless breakups and subsequent songs have served to fuel sales of her many multi-platinum albums.

Amidst all the pseudo-controversy, the 32-year-old Scottish hitmaker DJ and producer is asked about the meaning of the lyrics. His answer oblique as it is will do very little do dampen the speculation. He tells iHeartRadio, “”[The] song’s kind of about breaking out of a situation that you thought was a good thing.”

Elaborating, he adds, “Then, you’re way more comfortable out of it. And it could be anything. It could be a job, or it could be a relationship. I had kind of the idea for the concept for a few years, but I didn’t know how to work out how it sounded.”

Uncharacteristically, the song has an added personal touch as Calvin Harris himself does the vocals rather than relying on a guest artist. He’s known, after all, for stellar collaborations that have produced international smash hits, such as ‘This Is What You Came Here For’ with Rihanna.

He says, “”The time [was] right. I like to sing on a song every two or three years or so. I just kind of thought it was a bit of a curve ball…I kind of like the idea of just tracking something out without a celebrity guest feature, and I think the vocal works, so why not?”

As Calvin Harris sings the lines that are sparking the fury in his own voice, the speculation game goes on. And on. And on.

You can hear the full interview here. Below you can listen to Calvin Harris’ new single ‘My Way.’