Against Me! ‘s new album is ‘Shape Shift with Me.’ It’s the first album from the punk rock band since 2014’s ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues.’ Now the critics are weighing in and you can see a of reviews right here.

Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!

Photo: Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!
Credit: PR Photos

For frontwoman, singer-songwriter and guitarist Laura Jane Grace, ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blue’ was a breakthrough album. With this, her first album since announcing she was transgender in 2012, she embraced her identity and made a strong statement of self-acceptance, full of characteristically provocative lyrics — perhaps now all the more so. The album won critical acclaim.

While the band — which Grace founded in 1997 in Gainesville, Florida — has never had the kind of commercial success that would see a No.l 1 debut on the Billboard 200 — in fact, ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’ was the band’s highest debut on the chart at No. 23 — the band has a long history and a passionate and devoted fan base.

This time around, two years later, with a new album, Laura Jane Grace tells Rolling Stone, “The last record was an isolating experience and a solo endeavor in a lot of ways – not to diminish anyone else’s roles, but it was a really personal record.” She goes on to say of the new release, “I want this one to feel like we’re all in it equally.”

The subject matter is disparate and varied this time around. The album’s single “333,” has drawn notice with a startling music video (below) which stars Natasha Lyonne of ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ a mini-movie of sorts, revealing the story of a 1960s housewife who yearns for a better life.

As the album arrives in full the critics have been weighing in. Here’s a roundup of reviews.

“….Catchy as anything choruses, short track times, tight and sparse rhythms make this a record I wish came out when I was in high school. If the record does have a fault, is that it colors inside the lines. …..” –Pretty Much Amazing

“…. That initial joy from Transgender can still be found in bits and pieces here, but Grace has come back down to earth a little. […] This feels like a reawakening all its own; if Transgender was about Grace’s struggle to become a woman, then it seems appropriate that the next chapter would explore her journey to discover what that means for her sexuality…..” –Consequence of Sound

“… Bolstered by whip-smart lyricism and indelible riffs, Grace bares her sensual, sentimental side–but not without a few swift kicks in the eye. ….” –Rolling Stone

Check back as more reviews arrive. Meanwhile, you can see The Divine Comedy album cover art and music videos below below!