Suzanne Shaw is opening up about the diet and workout plan she is following to lose weight after her second pregnancy. The British actress and singer speaks of her her ongoing struggles and challenges to achieve her goal weight.

Suzanne Shaw

Photo: Suzanne Shaw
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The 34-year-old originally rose to fame on Popstars as part of the band Hear’Say fifteen years ago, in 2001 and for the past several years has been known to many for her portrayal of Eve Jenson in the soap opera Emmerdale.

She gave birth to a son, Rafferty, nearly a year ago, with herfiancé 33-year-old Sam Greenfield. She has another son, Corey, 11 with former partner Darren Day. She’s opening up about her struggle, this time around, to lose weight. Now as is typical for a celebrity, she’s facing the pressures of dropping the pounds quickly to give the clamoring public the latest post-baby body success story.

She said, in an interview with OK Magazine, “It’s not been easy, I’ve been working really hard. I’ve been getting up at 6am before Raffi wakes and doing a workout with my trainer, Jack Fymruk.”

She went on to say, “I generally do it four times a week but I’ve had two weeks off as I went on holiday with Noel Sullivan and his family to do a bit of writing. I ended up eating my body weight in cheese and baguettes.’

Fans who follow her on Instagram and other social media know she has been very candid about her daily diet, often posting pictures of her meals which appear to follow a balanced whole-foods diet of healthy fare; lean portions of protein, and plenty of vegetables and salads, and muesli for breakfast.

Along with chronicling her diet, she has been candid from the start with her pregnancy and her home birth using the Hynobirthing techinique. Earlier this year she told The Sun about the experience, and said, that it had given her a feeling of “empowerment” that’s had lingering effects.

She said, ““It’s changed my outlook on life and what kind of mother I am. Before I was quite a stressed-out mother. I was quite neurotic and paranoid. The positive way I approached my birthing experience has made me approach life differently now.”

In her interview with OK Magazine, she also opened up about her wedding plans, saying,”They’re at a halt because of work and babies…”We’re in no rush at the moment because we have so much to do with the house and I’m going back into work. But it would be nice to have Raffi walking and to get the boys involved in some way.”

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Photos: Suzanne Shaw
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