Renee Zellweger graces the cover of Red Magazine and opens up about how she copes with tabloid stories, gossip, and the downside of fame. Bridget Jones’s Baby also reiterates her strong stance against cyberbullying and celebrates female friendship.

Renee Zellweger

Photo: Renée Zellweger
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The 47-year-old Oscar winning actress returns to the Brigit Jones role that led to her stardom in 2001. In retrospect ‘Brigit Jones’ Diary’ — based on Helen Fielding’s international bestselling novel — was one of the defining movies of the early Aughts. It spawned a very disappointing sequel in 2004, ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason’ that drew almost universally negative reviews.

But now twelve years later — yes, more than a decade, amazingly — she’s back in yet another installment,
‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ and this time around, it’s getting much love from the critics. And Renee Zellweger is making the promo rounds, in this her first movie in six years. That’s an astonishingly long time for an A-list Hollywood actress. She was last seen in 2010’s ‘My Own Love Song.’

Now in a cover story interview with Red Magazine she reveals the reason behind her purposeful absence. She said, “I needed to stop. It was time. I’m a working girl, but I did save so that, when it was time for me to take a minute, I could.”

She went on to reveal how she brought more balance into her life. She said, “I did the things I used to do if I had time. I visited my parents. I spent time with my brother and his children. I made a home for myself. I fell in love with somebody.”

She didn’t name names, but that’s her 47-year old boyfriend, blues musician Doyle Bramhall II whom she’s dated since 2012. As a couple they walked the red carpet together at the world premiere of ‘Brigit Jones’s Baby’ in London.

She also opened up on a topic that she’s become all-too familiar with, namely the incessant fixation and commenting on women’s physical bodies. She herself has become a bit of a poster child for such vicious and invasive scrutiny when she made a rare public appearance in 2014 and sparked “changing face” rumors which she finally shut down once and for all in a Huffington Post essay, denying she had had the plastic surgery she was accused of having. And of course, we might add, it’s not as if seeking cosmetic enhancement is a crime!

She said of the inanity, “‘This week she’s too fat to be loved. This week she’s too skinny to be loved.’ What are you going to do? Everyone has fat days and, if you can’t be loved on them, then whatever.”

But adding some levity to what frankly is a grim topic, she also said, “I read that [I was getting married] too! Isn’t it exciting? I wonder what I’ll wear.”

Zellweger also railed against the culture of Internet trolling and said, “Where is it coming from that it seems okay to sit in your room and cause pain to somebody, for the sport of it? When did we become that?”

Elaborating, she said, “Trying to humiliate people we don’t know because we have an idea about who we think they are, or because it will sell papers but with no concern for the effect it might have on their lives. What are we fostering in our younger generations with this bullying behaviour?”

She went on to speak of how she navigates through the downside of fame and said, “I’m getting better at it. Not good at it. I don’t think I’ll ever be good at being a public person, because there’s nothing natural about it. But I’m getting better. And my girlfriends have a lot to do with that because we can laugh at it. I depend on my little group of girlfriends, all of them different, and brilliant.”

See more of the interview here and see Renee Zellweger’s Red Magazine cover photos below!

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