Christina Milian opens up about the plant-based diet she follows and the daily workout routine she’s using to stay fit and trim. The R&B singer-songwriter and actress speaks about her drive and discipline for health and self-improvement.

Christina Milian

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The 34-year-old Cuban-American star rose to fame in the early Aughts with such breakthrough hits as ‘Dip It Low’ and now, of late, she’s branched out into other endeavors including a stint on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and social media correspondent on NBC’s ‘The Voice.’ She’ll also be seen in the upcoming remake of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ on Fox, portraying the domestic Magenta.

Christina Milian opened up in an interview with Billboard — part of the #DoPlants campaign that Silk has launched — and said of her diet, “I try to eat more plant-based foods like carrots and celery and having smoothies and juices.”

She also spoke about how her Cuban heritage has impacted her view of food and mealtimes. She said, “The times that we spend at home are usually spent in the kitchen. “Half our conversations have to do with food. So we do have a really great appreciation for nature’s finest.”

She also spoke of her devotion to her six-year-old daughter, Violet Madison Nash, with ex-husband The-Dream. She said, “The number one thing that inspires me is my daughter and being a mom. She’s just taught me to see life with new eyes and have a whole new sense of wonder.”

She revealed that she’s instilling healthy food habits and allowing her daughter to participate in growing food. She said that the two of them “literally go in our yard and … I show her what it’s like to grow our own vegetables.” She went on to say, “There’s a sense of accomplishment when you not only are growing it, but when you eat it.”

As for her workouts, she says, “When I’m outdoors I get to smell the trees and the plants and take in the air. I’m not only getting fit, but I’m also having a little spiritual moment with life and preparing myself for the day.

You can see the full article here and check out the video below.

Recently, TMZ posted video of her taking part in a boxing workout with week celebrity trainer, Jason Ross, at LA Fitness in Hollywood. It’s a brief clip — just 22 seconds — and speaks for itself; she’s fierce and determined and getting in to fantastic and fit shape! You can see it below.

And not least, Christina Milian is setting a great example by is taking her quest for fitness to social media. She recently Tweeted, “No excuses, I’m back on it!” along with a photo of herself in workout gear and stretching in the midst of a scenic mountainous landscape. And on Instagram, she captioned a photo celebrating her morning hike and added the familiar hashtag #JustDoIt.

Watch the video below as Christina Milian opens up about her plant-based diet and workout routine!

Morning hikes help clear my mind and allow me to appreciate the beauty all around #JustDoIt!

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