The Divine Comedy’s new album is ‘Foreverland.’ Highly anticipated, it’s eleventh studio album from Neil Hannon and the band and their first in six years. Critics are weighing in and you can see a of reviews right here.

The Divine Comedy

Photo: The Divine Comedy
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The Irish musician, singer and songwriter Neil Hannon, founder and frontman and The Divine Comedy have been forging ahead for more than a quarter of a century, with a distinctive style and a devoted fan base. They achieved their breakthrough success two decades ago with the 1996 album ‘Casanova ‘ which spawned some hits including “Something for the Weekend.”

Now two decades and several albums later, the band is going strong, yes, despite fans’ long wait for ‘Foreverland,’ their latest album, the first since 2010’s ‘Bang Goes the Knighthood,’ which was released to critical acclaim.

In a recent interview, Hannon said of the long hiatus that “it was partly by design.” He went on to say, “Although I have a lovely big set of fans out there, nobody expects me to stick out an album every two years.” He added, “So I said to myself I would keep working on it until I was absolutely happy with the way everything sounded.”

It was the album’s lead single, ‘Catherine The Great’ that ended the hiatus and generated quite a buzz with the music video, directed by French director Raphaël Neal and starring Elina Löwensohn as the titular Russian monarch. It’s just one of the 12 tracks of the full album, all of which Hannon wrote both the lyrics and the music.

Yes, the hiatus is over, and as the album arrives in full, on September 2nd, the critics have been weighing in. Here’s a roundup of reviews.

“….Most fans will presumably be glad to know that this release, like many of the others, is a slightly uneasy mixture of joyful musical inventiveness and contrived lyrics. No one expects Hannon’s work to be much of a hit in the garage studios of Croydon, but his dandy persona is so over-egged he makes quaintness a weapon of war……” –The Arts Desk

“….In lesser hands an album so whimsical and filled with theatrical flushes would be unlistenably twee. But Hannon is that rarest thing: a deeply intelligent, playful songwriter and the only man I’ve ever met who can rock a sweater vest. As such it is hard to think of anyone else who could get away with a song like ‘Funny Peculiar’: a duet with his partner, the Irish singer-songwriter Cathy Davey. ….” –Drowned in Sound

“….Foreverland is exactly what you expect an album by The Divine Comedy, beautifully executed, intelligent and life affirming. Indeed, at this point in Neil Hannon’s career, he seems almost incapable of releasing a bad Divine Comedy album. While their singles may no longer bother the charts to the extent that they once did, their albums remain of a consistently high quality, and Foreverland will no doubt be rapturously received by longtime fans ….” –Back Seat Mafia

“….. Foreverland is an exceedingly pleasing album that perfectly distils the essence of Hannon’s craft, featuring sumptuous strings and jaunty melodies across twelve songs that playfully interrogate everyday relationships….” –Hot Press

Check back as more reviews arrive. Meanwhile, you can see The Divine Comedy album cover art and music videos below below!

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