Katy Perry opens up about her new album, and reveals what her fans can expect. The pop music superstar’s long awaited album will be her first since Prism and she opens up about the kinds of songs she finds hardest to write.

Katy Perry

Photo: Katy Perry
Credit: PR Photos

It’s been nearly three years — that’s like 30 years in the pop music world! — since her last album, ‘Prism’ was released with the usual fanfare and produced some notable international hits including the inspirational ‘Roar.’ In recent months we’ve had just hint of what we might expect from this next album which is as yet untitled and as yet without a release date. Perhaps another surprise album, as that’s become the trend? Who knows.

Her Rio Olympics anthem ‘Rise’ (video below) is the only new music we’ve heard from the chart-topper who has more than 100 million followers across her social media platforms — a following that were it a country would be one of the biggest in the world. While the song, predictably was a hit, it leaves those fans wondering what’s next.

Katy Perry spoke with Elvis Duran in a recent radio interview and said, “For me, it takes a bit of time to [to write] because I have to have those experiences and then write about them. Or I have to digest whatever I’m seeing or perceiving and recycle it and kind of give my perspective on it.”

While she didn’t name any names — she’s widely known to be dating Orlando Bloom and the pair have not hidden their romance from paparazzi lenses — she did hint it might be a possible inspiration for songwriting. She said, “”You know it’s funny, I think I have a really hard time writing super sexy songs. The other day I was like, ‘I’m going to write a song about sex!’ I did it, and I think it’s really great, because I still have sex and I like to write about all my life experiences!”

Continuing, she said, “But I think I was put on this earth to life people up and elevate people and do that through my messages, quite frankly.”

That has been her mainstay over the years. Just witness the success of ‘Roar’ which has been taken up as an anthem of courage and perseverance and spawned many a viral video. She echoed comments she made when she released ‘Rise’ and said, “I was inspired to finish it now, rather than save it for my next album, because now more than ever, there is a need for our world to unite. I know that together we can rise above the fear – in our country, and around the world.”

She told Elvis Duran about how the album is shaping up and said, “I’m working with a lot of unexpected writers and producers and maybe people that you wouldn’t expect to pair me with. That’s bringing out a lot of different things sonically, but that’s kind of always been my vibe.”

Elaborating, she added, “Even when I was working with some of the regular producers, I’d always push them to play me a beat that was reserved for Three 6 Mafia or…something left of center and I’d be like, ‘No, no, no I know exactly how to write a lyric over that!'”

She also opened up about how she stays grounded despite international success that stretches back many years. She said, “I go to therapy, I don’t get excessive on the substance, I’ve kind of learned that dance … it’s difficult in this industry. You’re holding on for dear life and you feel like you’re riding a rocket, and now I’m kind of not holding on for dear life. I’ve learned how to ride it, and I’m surfing and feeling good!”

You can hear the full interview below as Katy Perry opens up about her future album, and tells her fans what to expect!