Jessica Alba opens up about the diet and workout routine she follows. The actress and ‘The Honest Company’ cofounder also reveals the foods that she avoids to stay fit and trim.

Jessica Alba

Photo: Jessica Alba
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The 35-year-old actress is just as likely to make headlines for her $1.7 billion startup, ‘The Honest Company’ which she co-founded, and which offers eco-friendly products. But this time around, it’s her stunning appearance in the Dennis Ganse-directed action thriller ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ that’s got people talking. It’s the sequel to the 2011 ‘The Mechanic’ and sShe’s seen opposite co-stars Jason Statham who portrays hitman Arthur Bishop and she portrays his girlfriend Gina.

She said of the intense combat scenes in the movie, “I did Krav Maga, which is a different type of martial arts training I never did before, it was really fun.” She went on to say, “When you do your own stunts sometimes you get banged up a bit. It’s just kind of what happens.”

As for how she prepared for the role, she said, “You need to be fit for it, I did work with a trainer, I did the Krav Maga, which is quite exhausting, it’s quite a cardio workout… a little bit of weights here and there, yoga, and then cardio.”

As for her diet plan, she said, “I try to eat as much fresh food as possible. Not too much processed, not too much fried. Limit sugars and simple carbs and go for lean proteins, vegetables and things like that.

As for the foods she missed during her rigorous training, she said, ““Nachos… and hot wings.” As for drinks she said, “And margaritas… you should have vodka on the rocks or tequila on the rocks, not so much sugar.”

Earlier this year, she spoke about her daily routine in a behind-the-scenes video for SELF and said that she does a yoga class twice a week, rising early — at 5:15 a.m. to be precise. She also demoed her workout — video below — revealing that she fuels herself beforehand with a blend of coffee and coconut oil before tackling some classic exercises in the gym.

Check out both videos below and get the details on Jessica Alba’s workout and diet secrets and see her stunning red carpet look at ‘Mechanic: Resurrection!’