Peta Murgatroyd opened up about the workout routine she has been following during her pregnancy. The DWTS champ also revealed her baby bump in some inspiring Instagram photos and videos that are going viral. Get the details here!

Peta Murgatroyd
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The 30-year-old New Zealand-born Australian has been in the news this year as she and her celebrity dance partner, model and ANTM alum Nyle DiMarco won season 22. DiMarco made history as the first deaf person ever to win the reality TV competition.

Now with that season and the historic victory behind her, she’s expecting her first child with fiance, fellow ‘Dancing with the Stars’ pro dancer 36-year-old Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The couple announced their engagement in last December.

As she’s been advancing through her pregnancy, she been sharing her journey on Instgram and documenting her workout routine and you can see them below. In one of the clips, she said, “I am loving keeping fit whilst I’m pregnant. I’m 20 weeks and although I could sit on the couch watching TV all day, I have to get up and keep moving!”

She went on to reveal why it was so important to her to not become sedentary and she offered a cautionary tale for other women.

She said, “To me it’s imperative for women to have an active pregnancy. It’s better for your well being and it’s great for your baby (within the limits your doctor has given you of course).”

Yes, as we know she’s venturing bravely into what’s become a hot button topic in social media that’s sure to draw notice that won’t entirely be praise and admiration. We’ve seen this play out before, as fit women who are pregnant encourage others to maintain their fitness throughout pregnancy.

Seemingly acknowledging this — as well as the inevitable social media backlash that will surely arrive on cue, she went on to say, “Everyone will have an opinion about this, and that’s ok, but until I’m too big that I can’t move, I will be doing some sort of exercise each day.”

She also opened up about the challenges she’s facing and said, “Believe me, it’s not easy, I’m not used to this body I have at the moment, and I’m heavier than I have ever been.”

With a dash of humor, she also opened up about the day-to-day struggles of getting use to her changing physique. She said, “The parts @maksimc and I laugh about the most, are the fact that I have to roll out of bed (I don’t want to squish the baby), I use my hands to push myself off the couch and he has to boost my butt out of his low car. Ladies, your health is everything and we have to laugh.”

She also posted a selfie on Instagram revealing her baby bump at 20 weeks (below). She’s also been posting videos of her gym routine. You can see Peta Murgatroyd’s pics below!

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