Princess Love reveals she has lost 40 pounds by following a vegan diet. Days after marrying Ray J, the ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’ star responded to criticism on social media when her wedding pictures surfaced.

Princess Love and Ray J

Photo: Princess Love and Ray J
Credit: PR Photos

Princess Love and her longtime beau Ray J tied the knot on August 12th and the couple’s wedding photos, which you can see below, hit social media and went viral. She told People“I just love him to the point where it doesn’t matter what he does…He’s the only person I’ve ever been with that I couldn’t see myself without.”

She’s seen in a stunning Lazaro ball-gown and the pinnacle of bridal perfection. It was also impossible not to notice her weight loss, and some on Instagram rather than complimenting her were full of criticism.

In responding to one such critic on Instagram she revealed how much she had lost and how. She said, “I’m vegan and alcohol free.”

Continuing, she went on to say, “I went from 163lbs to 123lbs in 7 months the healthy way, by changing my diet and working out.”

She drew a contrast between her current lifestyle and the one she has replace, saying, “When I was thicker I was eating junk food and drinking every single day.”

Responding to her critics, she added, “I’m happy with my body and that’s all that matters. I understand that everyone has an opinion and that’s fine.”

Yes, a celebrity’s weight loss often becomes a charged subject, as it is in real life, when people lose weight and their friends and family are not always supportive, and, sometimes quite the opposite. But nowadays thanks to social media we wind up witnessing these kinds of skirmish that might have been private in an earlier time.

One might think such negativity might be suspended when a bride decks out in white and marries the man of her dreams, but, alas, not the case, as trolls pay no mind to such niceties.

In a previous Instagram pic (below) Princess Love revealed that she has relied on the popular Flat Tummy Tea detox cleanse “to keep the bloat away.”

She joins a growing number of celebrities who have embraced a vegan or plant-based diet and achieved weight loss success. Penn Jillette is another such notable example, as he’s spoken out about his more than 100 pound weight loss in an interview as well as a recently published book.

As For now this is all we know about Princess Love and her 40-pound weight loss and we’ll update if and when she reveals more. Wedding pics below!