Margot Robbie in ‘Suicide Squad’ in those short shorts is getting a lot of buzz, of course. But now her trainer reveals the workout routine it took to get that astounding physique and you can get the details here.

Margot Robbie

Photo: Margot Robbie
Credit: PR Photos

Movie critics savaged ‘Suicide Squad.’ The negative reviews are epic; Rotten Tomatoes gives it 26 percent. But the movie-going public paid these condemnations no mind and the anti-superhero flick has already broken August box office records in North America taking in $135 million.

And in the midst of this A-list ensemble cast — Will Smith, Jared Leto, Viola Davis,Cara Delevingne et al — there’s Margot Robbie and her scene stealing Harley Quinn in the shortest shorts imaginable.

But let’s cut to the chase, how did she get so fit and trim? Thankfully her trainer, Andie Heckeris weighing in. He told People magazine that she and her famous client had daily three-hour sessions.

She said, “‘She was a total trooper. It was very satisfying to see her body change into exactly what she wanted it to look like in such a short time.’

She went on to explain that these sessions were designed to “sculpt and tone” her physique with a variety of techniques including Pilates and ballet. Elaborating, Heckeris said, “We also mix in non-bulking cardio such as jump rope, rebounder and ballet jumps – which are surprisingly the most challenging form of cardio I’ve ever come across.”

So there you have it. Margot Robbie stunning, and this time around, we can attribute it to hard work in the gym not CGI effects. You can get the full workout details here.

Yes, predictably, those short shorts have drawn the usual cries of sexism. Margot Robbie herself pushed back masterfully at the critics telling The New York Times that her character Quinn is “wearing hot pants because they’re sparkly and fun.” And underscoring the point she went on to say that it’s not because “she wanted guys to look at her a–.”

So yes, after all those months of hard workouts why not just have some fun?! Margot Robbie is a workout transformation success and a hit even if ‘Suicide Squad’ is not!