Gisele Bundchen walked the runway at the Rio Olympics opening ceremony, dazzling an international audience in a luminous metallic gown as she took a final catwalk. You can see the photos and video of the supermodel and get the details on that stunning outfit.

Gisele Bundchen

Photo: Gisele Bundchen
Credit: PR Photos

Officially the now 35-year-old Gisele Bundchen retired last year, walking the runway for the last time as a model for the Brazilian label Colcci. At the time, she posted an Instagram pic of herself as the 14-year-old model she once was, saying, “I am grateful that at 14, I was given the opportunity to start this journey.”

But the journey was not yet over. No, not by far in any sense. And when the Olympics arrive in your country, well, it’s time to represent in the best way you can, and so she did.

It was a gargantuan opening ceremony at Maracanã Stadium in Rio to kick off the 2016 Summer Olympics. Broadcast all over the world, it went on for hours — and that grew tiresome for anyone watching on NBC as the endless commercial interruptions caused a social media uproar, the usual #fail hashtags began to flood Twitter and Instagram.

But in between all the complaining and the hoopla, there was Gisele Bundchen’s much anticipated appearance and she didn’t disappoint. As she walked, the iconic song “The Girl From Ipanema” was playing. The gown was like something out of a fairy tale, so shimmery and golden, it seemed to defy the usual description of coutre. Yes, it was beautifully draped and allowing her to reveal the famous legs and the slender and yet athletic physique she’s known for.

Yes, there are fashion shows, but when several billion people are watching you, simultaneously, well, that’s just unimaginable. She told People of her 500-yard catwalk in the stadium, “This is for sure the longest runway I have ever walked in my life and by far with the most amount of people watching, so it is a little nerve-racking I must say.”

She added, “This is a very special moment for my country and I am humbled that they invited me to be a part of such a special celebration.”

And as for that dress, leave it to Vogue to get the exclusive details from the Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch himself . He told the publication, “The fabric has been specially developed for the occasion with some peculiarities, such as the fluidity in which the sequined embroidery would flow horizontally around her body.” He went on to say, “I didn’t want a conventional gold, but a color that was very similar to her hair tone and skin, a golden light.”

Mission accomplished, easily. Never has a dress, a model, a catwalk gotten so much attention all at once, and now the images are living on in digital perpetuity. You can see pictures of Gisele Bundchen dazzling the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics below!