Matt Damon is opening up about the workout and diet routine he underwent to reprise his role as title character, ‘Jason Bourne,’ the latest in ‘The Bourne Identity’ franchise. His trainer also weighs in on the amazing transformation and the grueling regimen that produced it. You can get the details here.

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We’ve seen actors gain weight and lose weight for roles. But when it comes to transformations that go beyond the numbers on the scale and are literally a remolding of the physique, this one is quite remarkable. Matt Damon returns to the big screen as former CIA assassin Jason Bourne, at age 45, portraying a character he last portrayed when he was 36 years old.

Yes, it’s been a while. We last saw Damon in the 2007 movie ‘The Bourne Ultimatum.’ Before that, he dominated appeared in 2002’s The Bourne Identity and two years later, The Bourne Supremacy. Fans and critics were largely disappointed with 2012’s ‘The Bourne Legacy’ in which Damon and his character did not make an appearance (Jeremy Renner had the lead role as Aaron Cross).

But this time around, there’s a buzz not just because he’s back, but because he looks simply amazing. Hard to overstate this. It all started with the trailer and the Instagram photo (below) in which Matt Damon is seen in a boxing match with his chiseled torso and impressive musculature on full display.

So how did he do it? Shedding some light on this burning question, he told Entertainment Tonight, “It’s kind of arresting now,” he said, as he went on to reminisce, adding, “I remember in the third movie, seeing what I looked like in the first [one] and going, ‘Oh yeah, I am getting a little older.’ Now I go, ‘My God, who is that kid?'”

He then confessed that he “likes to eat” and noted that a “a big bowl of pasta and a glass of red wine and my friends around” was a favorite pastime.

He went on to say, “”[Director] Paul [Greengrass] said to me earlier, ‘Look, if the movie starts and you look like you’ve been living well, we don’t have a movie.'”

Realizing he needed to take action, that’s just what he did. He goes on to reveal that he worked with trainer Jason Walsh for twice daily 90-minute sessions in the gym of “high-intensity training.” As for the diet that contributed to the impressive six-pack abs, it was comprised solely of vegetables and protein and “no carbs.”

Jason Walsh told Business Insider that he had Damon working out on the VersaClimber. You can see an Instgram video below of the two of them side-by-side on the workout equipment that is, to say the least, not for the fainthearted.

The publication goes on to note that a typical workout schedule is as follows:

– 100 sit-ups
– 300 push-ups
– Squats (50 reps)
– Squat jumps (50 reps)
– Pull-ups with 35 pounds strapped to waist
– Single-leg squats with 125-pound dumbbells in each hand
– Sled push and pulling

So just imagine doing that not once, but twice a day! As for the shooting, Walsh revealed Damon was consuming 2,000 calories a day and that he had him cutting back on his intake of water, to further showcase the musculature.

Walsh had much praise for his famous client, saying, “A lot of people don’t know what it’s like to work that hard and work that long, we had been working out for a year and a half straight! I’m really proud of him.” You can see the full interview and more photos here, and check out Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, the final and impressive result of an intense workout and diet routine.

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