Sheila E opened up about the death of Prince and about the songs she’s been writing in the aftermath including her album’s title track, ‘Girl Meets Boy’ her tribute to the music legend.

Sheila E
Photo: Sheila E.
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The 58-year-old drummer and multi-instrumentalist was a longtime friend and former fiance of of Prince who died on April 21, in a shock to the world. She took part in a mesmerizing tribute to the music legend at the BET Awards, delivering a tour de force medley of some of his greatest hits.
In an interview with Billboard, she opened up about her new album and how she has changed directions since the sudden death. She said, “I stopped the dance record because it was right before he passed that we were going to start doing promotion for it, and then I started writing music from my heart.”

She elaborated, saying, “So now I have two different records. I think there might be two more dance songs for the Girl part that I didn’t finish that are just about done, and the Boy part I think there are three and I’ll be done.”

She also spoke about how she wrote the title track ‘Girl Meets Boy.’ She said, “”My way of expressing myself is to go into the studio and just let things happen.”

She said of the creative process, “So I started writing: It was like at one in the morning and my guitar player was there, and about an hour later the song was done and I started doing the vocal at 2:30 in the morning.”

Continuing, she told the publication. “(The song) was based on (Prince) and I meeting each other and I was a girl and he was a boy, ’cause it was 1978, a very long time ago. So that whole process and how he had left…It was devastating.”

She said of losing Prince, “It’s been very, very challenging, very emotional — physically, mentally, spiritually, all of the above.”

“I was trying to hold everything back, just to get through them. But I said, ‘Y’know, I can’t do that, so I just started letting go and, recently, if I’m crying I’m crying and that’s it. Now we’re starting to get through the show without me crying every single song. But at the beginning I couldn’t even do sound check, because a lot of the show is songs that (Prince) and I have written together or played together. To hear him singing in my head, it brings back memories — good memories, but it’s sad, too.”

You can see the full interview here.

A few weeks ago, in a concert in San Rafael, California, Sheila E gave the live debut performance of ‘Girl Meets Boy,’ her tribute to Prince. You can see the full video below. She told Billboard, “That is in my mission, that is in my heart to continue his legacy in a way that is just about his music.”