Angela Bassett opens up about aging, and the beauty and fitness routines that have enabled her to maintain her fabulously ageless appearance and physique. The ‘American Horror Story’ star talks about overcoming the challenges she faces as she grows older.

Angela Bassett

Photo: Angela Bassett
Credit: PR Photos

At an unbelievably youthful looking 57, Angela Basset is one of those women in the public eye who forces society to reexamine what the 50s and the 60s and beyond should “look like.” Those old stereotypes of wrinkles versus the unnaturally plumped and tightened face that’s had some “work” done need to go. There are women who through genetics, yes, and diligence reveal that aging well is a skill and, yes, even an art.

Bassett revealed to People Style that it’s not without effort. She said, “Even though people tell me I’m impervious to aging, I’m not.”

Continuing, she admitted, “The scale isn’t going down the way it used to. It used to be easier, even as much as a year ago.”

And as for coping with these changes which she called a “shock” at first, she went on to say, “We check ourselves out in the mirror every day, we see the changes but you have to just do the best for yourself more often than not.”

She spoke about her fitness routine, saying, “If I can work out for 30 minutes, I feel good. Sometimes I can’t, but [I like] to think, ‘Who can’t do that?’ My philosophy is: Do the best you can and do something that you enjoy. For me, I like free weights.”

And as for her impressive complexion, Bassett attributes that to a lifelong habit her mother instilled. She revealed her mother took her to the dermatologist every six weeks, starting when she was a teenager. She said, “My mother and her siblings had a lot of challenges with her skin — and she did not want that for me.”

As People Style notes, Bassett now has teamed up with a famed celebrity dermatologist and co-created a skin care line addressing unique issues that women of color face. The five-piece collection is titled Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm. You can see the announcement below, which Bassett posted on Instagram.

Earlier this year, Bassett told WWD that the skincare line will focus on “ingredients that are helpful — and not invasive or irritating.” She went on to say, “I like them to be pleased when they look in the mirror, to feel good about themselves and the condition of their complexion.”

We’ve had many a celebrity with fragrance, makeup, fashion lines and the like, and this time around, Angela Bassett, already herself an icon of beauty is meeting a need in the marketplace. Bassett’s been on the scene for many years, long before the ‘American Horror Story’ that many know her for. She rose to fame with her searing portrayal of Tina Turner in the 1990s biopic ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It?’

Who knows what might be next; one senses this is just the beginning as Angela Bassett ventures into cosmetics. We’ve seen the rise of many celebrities turned entrepreneurs, including Jessica Alba and The Honest Company.