Gigi Hadid’s trainer is revealing the fitness secrets that keep the supermodel and rising star so famously svelte with such killer abs. You can get the details of her grueling workouts which, quite obviously, are paying off in proverbial dividends!

Gigi Hadid

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Let’s face it. We’re curious. We want to know. What does it take to look like that. Well, obviously barring the genetic gifts that the 23-year-old possesses in abundance — she is after all, the daughter of former model Yolanda Foster. And she’s got a sister, Bella Hadid, who’s a model, too.

All that said, it does take more than bone structure. She’s fit and toned and especially noted for her abs. No, you’re not born with those, that takes work and, as her fans and followers know, she got her start in volleyball and that’s been a foundation of her modeling success, to not back away from athleticism.

It’s that very devotion to fitness that landed her the August cover of Vogue — a special issue on the Rio Olympics. She shares the cover with decathlete Ashton Eaton; you can see it below.

Just as we wonder who is the designer when we see a fabulous gown on the red carpet, so too do we wonder who a star’s personal trainer might be. For Gigi Hadid it’s Rob Piela. He owns New York City’s Gotham Gym and Gotham G-Box.

He spoke with Vogue and shared his famous client’s fitness routine. He said, “It’s all about how hard you work and how much you put in—Gigi is a hard worker.” He went on to say, “Staying fit is all about consistency.” Underscoring the point, he added, “Don’t miss workout days; don’t get lazy in the winter.”

He detailed Hadid’s routine which is a mix of boxing and floor work. Yes, boxing has become increasingly popular for its cardiovascular benefits; it’s a high-intensity workout and for those with a fondness of the sport, it’s perfect.

As for getting the elusive six-pack abs, he pointed out that for Hadid it’s a a series of three separate oves that target the key abdominal muscle — planks, crunches, and leg raises. He said, “The combination of those three moves is golden.” Yes, not to mention also grueling!

He offered one hugely important diet tip and that is to avoid sugar and to generally eat well.

You can see the complete workout routine at Vogue here.

She’s found success on her own terms, and that’s the important lesson. She refused to diet herself into a danger zone of thinness for the sake of her modeling career and instead has become a role model for strength and health over the ridiculous standards of what’s considered an acceptable body type. That’s encouragement for all women, whether they’re aspiring to a life in fashion or entertainment or just simply want to live at peace with their bodies.

She has in fact broken down some barriers as a runway model, despite not fitting the norm. In a recent interview, she said, “I just want to be a healthy role model and I haven’t swayed from that at all.”

But when it comes to working out, it’s clear she’s putting the “work” in workout. You can see her demo some of this fitness routine in the video below!

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A video posted by Vogue (@voguemagazine) on

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