Chris Pine opened up about the death of ‘Star Trek Beyond’ costar Anton Yelchin at age 27 in a freak car accident. In an interview on ‘GMA’ he paid tribute to his friend and colleague, saying he misses him “greatly” and will “celebrate him nonetheless.”

Anton Yelchin  Chris Pine

Photo: Anton Yelchin, Chris Pine
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Chris Pine portrays Captain James T. Kirk in the JJ Abrams’ reboot of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise, the character that William Shatner first made so indelibly iconic. As ‘Star Trek Beyond’ hits theaters, as the third movie in the rebooted franchise the usual fanfare and fervor and excitement is tinged with sadness and melancholy both for the fans as most especially for those who knew Anton Yelchin as a colleague and friend.

One last time he will be seen on the big screen as Pavel Chekov, the character that Walter Koenig first brought to the small screen back in the 1960s.

Chris Pine opened up about the death of his longtime friend and co-star during his interview with Michael Strahan on ‘Good Morning America.’

He said, “There’s nothing that can prepare you for something that happens that quickly to someone who’s that young and to someone who nothing like that seems like it should happen.”

He spoke about how he and fellow cast members came together at Yelchin’s home, and were in mourning for their fallen friend in the aftermath of his shocking death.

And even now weeks latter it’s still shocking. Anton Yelchin died of “blunt traumatic asphyxia” — according the coronor’s report. He died when his Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled backwards down his driveway, pinning him against a brick pillar and a security fence.

Chris Pine said of the gathering, “Our group, if anything, is a group of friends and family, and it was nice to have them around to process what had happened and to pay tribute to who Anton was, and to remember him with a smile and a cry, and to ride the waves of grief.”

He went on to speak of the upcoming movie and called it “a wonderful example of what made him special.” He went on to say, “You hear the term ‘light up the screen,’ and that’s Anton. He’s this bubbly, lovely, smiling, just lovable man. So I miss him greatly, but celebrate him nonetheless.”

Pine also opened up about his take on his iconic Captain Kirk character as seen in the JJ Abrams reboot. He said, “In the first two films, he was very much kind of a[n] angry young man raging against the system that had taken his father. This film is really about James Kirk becoming his own man, individuating and finding his own way in the world.”

You can see the full video below as Chris Pine pays tribute to Anton Yelchin and opens up about ‘Star Trek Beyond.’