Alyssa Milano is opening up about her 20-pound weight loss and revealing the diet tips and secrets that led to her success. The former ‘Who’s The Boss?’ and ‘Charmed’ star talks about how she made healthy lifestyle changes achievable and sustainable.

 Alyssa Milano

Photo: Alyssa Milano
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Well, when it comes to diet tips that are supposed to make the whole process much more palatable, we are all ears! It’s clear that 43-year-old Alyssa Milano has had success; the before and after pics (below) tell the story. Sure in this era of extreme weight loss and people losing half their body weight in a year, 20 pounds might not seem like such a great achievement, but often it’s those last five, ten or 20 pounds that are the most obstinate.

In an interview with Delish, Milano reveals that she initially used the Atkins low carb diet to lose the baby weight and now maintains her weight loss by incorporating low carb fare in her daily meals for both herself and her family.

This means healthy substitutions for such favorites as tortillas, taco shells and bread for sandwiches. She says she uses lettuce or cabbage instead. She says of the swap, “I find that it’s just as satisfying to wrap any kind of sandwich in a good piece of sturdy lettuce, like iceberg or butter lettuce.” She goes on to note this adds “a nice crunch.”

Continuing in the veggies-in-place-of-starches swaps, she says she uses cauliflower to make pizza crust. Low carbers know this vegetable as a stand-in for pasta and mashed potatoes, so here’s another clever use!

Noting her Brooklyn Italian family background and what she calls the “Sunday sauce” — tomato sauce — she reveals that instead of noodles she substitutes thinly sliced zucchini.

She also reveals that her breakfast menu skips cereal in place of high protein fare such as scrambled eggs and turkey bacon.

Snack time means veggies, cleverly transformed. Mllano says, “I make kale and spinach chips that the kids love.” “Elaborating, she adds, “I just drizzle them with olive oil, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon, then cook them over low heat for 15 minutes or so.”

You can see Alyssa Milano’s full interview here and get all the tips and tricks as she talks diet secrets that led to her 20-pound weight loss. See before and after photos below!

Photos: Alyssa Milano
Credit: PR Photos

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