Lisa Riley opens up about her weight loss success. The former ‘Emmerdale’ star has lost 10 stone (140 pounds) and she reveals the one lifestyle change she most credits for bringing about such a dramatic transformation as well as the diet she follows.

Lisa Riley

Photo: Lisa Riley
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The British soap star rose to fame portraying Mandy Dingle on ‘Emmerdal’ on ITV1. And for those who have followed her all along, it’s clear she’s undergone such a transition that her before and after pictures (which you can see below) almost look like two different people.

She speaks out on the eve of her milestone 40th birthday, and reflects upon the changes she’s undergone. She tells the UK Mirror, “I feel so much better for not drinking.”

She goes on to say, “Now I don’t think I’ll ever drink again. I never say never, but at the moment I don’t think I will. This is what baffles me most – not drinking doesn’t bother me at all.”

Lisa Riley tells the publication that not only has she lost 10 stone (140 lb.) but that her dress size has gone from UK size 30 (US size 28) to UK size 14-16 (US 12-14).

She also reveals how significant dropping alcohol from her diet was, saying that she gave up her red wine habit, noting that it weighs in at 700 calories per bottle. She said of it, “I realised there were lots of empty calories in booze so that is why I gave it up.”

Reflecting upon the impact of her habit, Lisa Riley says, “If you add up through the week what I’d consume in alcohol calories it was mad. I used to come off stage and think I needed a drink to wind down, so that’d be maybe three bottles over the week. Then if I went out at the weekend with friends, and maybe did a Sunday lunch with my family, there’d be another few bottles there. It all added up.”

She also says she “never intended to become teetotal” and now almost a year later she says, “I don’t even want a drink.”

As for her diet, she tells the publication she She opts for “fruit, yoghurt, salmon, soup and salad” and relies on fruit and nuts for snacking.

You can see more excerpts of the interview here and see numerous before and after photos below and get the full details on Lisa Riley’s weight loss success!

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