Christie Brinkley admits getting filler and shares her thoughts on Botox and why she avoids it. The iconic supermodel also opens up about the diet and beauty secrets that keep her famously youthful.

Christie Brinkley
Photo: Christie Brinkley
Credit: PR Photos

She’s now 62 years old, although one could never guess it. Either that or we need to drop our preconceived notions of what a sixtysomething woman looks like. She penned a book last year, ‘Timeless Beauty’ which went on to become a New York Times bestseller. That’s no surprise at all as we’re all — if we admit it — searching for those fountain-of-youth secrets.

And needless to say Christ Brinkley has great genes, but it takes more than that as you begin to age. She tells People magazine, “I’m a model. I want my skin to look its best.” She went on to acknowledge the criticism she’s gotten on social media from detractors who insist that her looks are not the result solely of her skincare line.

She said, “Some women on my Instagram will say, Oh, she’s so fake. It’s not her skincare, she gets filler.’ And it’s like okay …if I only did filler and I didn’t use my Recapture 360, I wouldn’t have the moisturizing, I wouldn’t have that bounce back … it’s the whole thing. You have to take care of the texture of your skin.”

It’s not the first time she’s opened up on cosmetic procedures. While she did not discuss plastic surgery, last year, she told ET why she avoids Botox. She said at the time, “I tried Botox in the forehead. I’m not a fan. I won’t ever do that again.” Explaining her decision, she said, “I didn’t like the claustrophobic feeling of not being able to do whatever I want with my eyebrows.”

Christie Brinkley also talks to People magazine about her diet. Several years ago she began identifying publicly as vegan, joining a growing ranks of celebrities and public figures who have made the switch to the environmentally friendly plant-based regimen. She said, “I try to be as vegan as I can be … I try to keep it mainly to the mozzarella now. It comes from Italy and I like to imagine it’s just this little cow roaming on a hill and somebody milks it gently.”

She went on to reveal she has a few other cheats: “Occasionally I feel like I need a little piece of salmon … I will occasionally eat oysters. I think that there’s nothing like a great oyster and a little glass of prosecco.”

She added, “But other than that it’s a vegetable based diet with lots of greens and quinoa and some couscous.”

She also spoke of her future in modeling, as she continues into her 60s, and revealed that she wants to inspire others. She said, “As a model, if I don’t look good, I’m not gonna be able to be — I don’t wanna say inspiration cause that sounds so full of myself.”

She continued, saying, “But I think that models generally speaking are either aspirational or inspirational.”

She also spoke of the down side; of how women can feel shamed comparing themselves to the impossible standards that the beauty and fashion industry are still notorious for.

Brinkley, acknowledging this said, “The only thing I don’t like about modeling is I don’t want women to feel like they have to look like the airbrushed version and feel like they can’t attain the perfection there. I’m always trying to unmask that and say you guys, hair and makeup, good lighting.”

You can see more of the People magazine interview, along with some more pics here, as Christie Brinkley talks aging, cosmetic procedures, diet and all these hot button topics we can never get enough of!