Meghan Linsey opened up about her weight loss success and shared stunning before-and-after photos. The country music singer and runner up on ‘The Voice’ season 8 also spoke of her struggle to lose the pounds and to maintain her weight and the solution she has found.

 Meghan Linsey

Photo: Meghan Linsey
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If a hit song won’t do it, a weight loss victory surely will. We’re always on the lookout for inspiring and motivating stories and Meghan Linsey had delivered on that.

She posted some amazing pics on Instagram and shared her struggles. You can see them below; in the “after” photo on the left she’s noticeably slimmer.

Meghan Linsey, who has partnered with the weight loss company Nutrisystem, revealed that seeing that photo from the CMA Awards last year was her moment of truth. She said, “I love my curves, but I was definitely the heaviest I’ve ever been and honestly, I just didn’t feel great.”

She went on to spoke of how she took action immediately. She said, “4 weeks ago, I decided to give @nutrisystem a try and I’ve already dropped 14 pounds!”

She went on to say, “It’s so easy and I feel so much better! Totally worth it! I feel like myself again!”

Her photo quickly went viral as supportive fans chimed in, many complimenting the singer and telling her that she was attractive in both the photos.

Asked what specifically she had done in that short span of time, she said she was “really strict for the 4 weeks.”

She went on to say, ” I actually had a cheat day the other day and honestly, I didn’t enjoy it. I thought I would, but I just didn’t feel very good after.”

It’s a revealing admission and shows her determination to succeed. After all a “cheat day” is a questionable tactic at best. After all, an alcoholic doesn’t take a “cheat day” and neither does a smoker or a heroin addict. And no one would advocate a “cheat day” on one’s spouse, either!

Linsey then detailed what she now does, saying, “When I’m on the road, I just eat a lot of protein and veggies” and went on to note that a person doesn’t have to eat the Nutrisystem meals, just “stay on the overall plan.”

Clearly, it’s working for her; 14 pounds in four weeks is no small feat. You can see Megan Linsey’s before-and-after weight loss photo below!

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