Melissa McCarthy was dazzling in a pink dress on the red carpet, revealing even more weight loss at the ELLE Women in Comedy event. You can see the photos of the ‘Ghostbusters’ star that reveal an increasingly svelte physique.

Melissa McCarthy

Photo: Melissa McCarthy
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The A list actress and comedian is making news these days every time she walks the red carpet. And for good reason! These are not tales of the latest wardrobe malfunction or the proverbial and dreaded fashion fail. Quite the opposite.

This time around, Melissa McCarthy was the standout at the annual ELLE Women in Comedy event in West Hollywood, California — held in conjuncture with the latest issue, which features her and her fellow ‘Ghostbusters’ stars on the cover. As US Weekly reports, rather than opting for one of her Seven7 fashion line creations, as she frequently does, McCarthy wore a custom Judy B. Swartz neoprene cocktail dress. And it’s a beauty, with a fitted waistline and sweeping belle sleeves.

But let’s face it, the speculation isn’t really over what designer Melissa McCarthy is wearing on the red carpet. The speculation is over how many pounds she’s lost. We see headlines and unconfirmed reports — 50 pounds has recently given way to 70 pounds. But these are just estimates. She’s not one of those stars who takes photos of the scale to show us the exact number down to the tenth of a pound. In fact, she’s not embraced the tell-all weight loss journey narrative at all.

Instead, she’s left the celebrity watching world to speculate. The rare comments she’s made have been couched in humor and/or in much-needed commentary on the overarching topic — why in the world is it that we as a culture are so obsessively scrutinizing women’s bodies.

She said in a recent interview, “There are so many more intriguing things about women than their butt or their this or their that. It can’t be the first question every time, or a question at all.”

Yes, no argument there! Nonetheless, we do live in the world of social media shaming and, conversely, when a celebrity loses weight they’re making the news all the same. It’s the proverbial two-sided coin. One day you’re praised for your appearance when you conform to the norm, and another day you’re shamed for falling short.

Regardless, Melissa McCarthy always walks the red carpet with palpable confidence, and that’s the real lesson here. The 50-pound and 70-pound hype is just that hype. Besides, aren’t we all more than the number of pounds we’ve shed, or gained?

You can see photos and video of Melissa McCarthy dazzling in pink below!

Photos: Melissa McCarthy
Credit: PR Photos

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