Jillian Michaels is sharing her best tips for weight loss maintenance, along with the workout and fitness strategies that lead to long-term success. Find out what the celebrity fitness guru has to say on this perennially important topic.

Jillian Michaels

Photo: Jillian Michaels
Credit: PR Photos

Weight loss! It’s always in the news. But what’s even more important is weight loss maintenance. Years after leaving ‘The Biggest Loser,’ the 43-year-old celebrity trainer is still often the public’s go-to expert when it comes to dropping the pounds.

Currently she’s seen on the E! network docuseries, ‘Just Jillian,’ not to mention quoted in many a fitness magazine. In a recent feature article in Shape, she shares some of her tips for keeping the weight off. Some might seem self-evident, but it’s a case of “easier said than done.” Such as — don’t overeat! But she adds a further caveat, don’t overeat healthy foods, either.

Elaborating, Michaels says, “I don’t care how healthy the food is. Don’t overeat!” she stresses. Granted, healthier foods will do a better job of fueling your body, but at the end of the day, a calorie is a calorie.”

Which leads to a hotly debated topic, counting calories. While on the surface it seems just as logical as basic accounting, after all we have to be careful about not overdrawing on the checking account! But when it comes to food and restrictions, well, that’s when emotions come into play.

Michaels defends calorie counting but again, with a caveat. She says, “You must know the calories.” Elaborating, she adds, “I can’t tell you how many times people come to me and they’re like, ‘I can’t lose weight.’ Or ‘I’ve plateaued.’ And then I look at the simple math and I’m like, dude!”

And of course it’s more than just the intake of food. Being disciplined with exercise is another challenge, to that, she says, ” “I could tell you exactly what to do, but if you don’t like it, you’re not going to do it.” She adds, “Find a few things that you enjoy, and then mix it up.”

Most important of all — not just in weight loss — but for any important life goal, we have to know what our motivation is and to be able to verbalize it. Michaels in noting this says, ““Identify your why, and really go into detail.” She continues, adding, “Not like, I want better health. I don’t know what that means. Maybe it’s, I want to keep up with my two toddlers. I want to run the New York City Marathon. Those kinds of things.”

There are seven pointers altogether and you can see them all here. It’s all delivered in signature Jillian Michaels’ no-nonsense fashion.

At a recent event, Jillian Michaels demoed several easy workouts that anyone can do at home or on the road; no gym equipment required! You can see them here.

Yes, there’s hope for sure; we don’t have to languish in yo-yo diet oblivion or fall out of the exercise habit! While it may seem there are more diets and fitness routines than there are people on planet earth, the bottom line is the only ones that work are the ones that we stick to if we want weight loss success!