Nick Jonas is opening up about ‘Last Year Was Complicated,’ his new album and the documentary series of the same title that is a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the making of the album. He’s revealing just how personal the new music is.

Nick Jonas

Photo: Nick Jonas
Credit: PR Photos

The 23-year-old multi-hyphenate is embarking on yet another endeavor, a documentary film series. It’s title is the same as his forthcoming album, the tantalizingly autobiographical, ‘Last Year Was Complicated.’ Under the glare of the ever-present spotlight, that would seem to be quite the understatement. The celebrity watching public has witnessed him breakup with former Miss Universe Oliva Culpo, not to mention launching his solo music career again with such hits as ‘Area Code’ and ‘Levels’ while experiencing rising popularity for his role as MMA fighter Nate Kulin in the TV drama ‘Kingdom.’

He Tweeted the trailer video, which you can see below, confirming that, yes, this album takes inspiration from his own life. He said, “This album has been my most personal & I wanted a way to share the process with you sonically + visually.”

In an interview with EW, he spoke about ‘Champagne Problems’ (audio video below) which would seem to deal with his split with Olivia Culpo. He told the publication that it’s “one of the most personal songs on the record.” He went on to elaborate, saying, “It’s funny, it sounds like a party jam but it reality it’s about something pretty sad.” And lyrics do bear this out, with the likes of “better to fall in love than lose, wish I didn’t have to choose.” If one listens closely, one hears a lament amidst the club-ready EDM dance beat.

He also spoke about the success of his hit single ‘Levels,’ saying, “It helps to have good friends, people that understand your sound and what you’re going for.” Elaborating, he added, “I think part of my job as a creative person, as well, is to curate my sound and make sure that there are moments where I’m never shutting down inspiration from other places.”

As for the documentary, it will stream exclusively on TIDAL starting on June 1st. In the trailer below, he’s heard saying, “I could fall flat on my face with this album… Falling flat on my face would be fine, because I know I made something I’m really proud of.”

The album is due out on June 10th, and he’s in competition with the likes of Little Big Town’s ‘Wanderlust’ and Fitz & the Tantrums’s self-titled third studio album, which are both highly anticipated as all will be vying for the much-coveted No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200. As always, the music buying public will vote with their dollars.

In the meantime, check out Nick Jonas’ ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ documentary trailer below!