Blake Shelton’s new album is ‘If I’m Honest.’ The country music superstar and coach on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ returns with his tenth studio album, as true-to-life as its title, as he has confirmed in interviews. The critics are having their say and you can see a roundup of reviews.

Blake Shelton

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It’s more than just the release of a new album. This new album is his first since ‘Bringing Back Sunshine’ of 2014. It’s not the length of time between the two albums. It’s that so much has happened. And it’s that what has happened has unfolded as a media spectacle.

By now much of the planet knows about his romance with Gwen Stefani. For her part, Stefani preceded with her own autobiographical album, ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like.’ Yes, it’s become part of the pop culture narrative that Shelton and fellow country music superstar Miranda Lambert divorced last summer as did Stefani and her ex-husband, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale.

And yes, as the L.A. Times, reports Shelton confirmed at an album release party that, yes, ‘If I’m Honest’ is what it seems to be. He said, “I figure since everyone else is cashing in on my life, I might as well get some of that too.” According to the newspaper, he also said, “I just want to tell the truth about what happened.”

Can’t get any more direct than that. There’s that duet, after all, ‘Go Ahead and Break My Heart,’ with his new love, Gwen Stefani. When the two of them performed it on ‘The Voice,’ the reality TV show that brought them together last season, the chemistry was undeniable. He told Extra TV, ” This is such an honest song just about kind of how we got started.”

Now, he has turned his life into not just a song but many songs, and he’s gone quite a distance, emotionally speaking from the ‘Boys ‘Round Here’ days. This is clearly not a “bro country” album — not with such mournful ballads as ‘Came Here to Forget’ and the aforementioned duet as well as the gospel song ‘Savior’s Shadow.’ And yes, the critics are taking note. You can see a roundup below.

“….[T]he singer delivers his most solid effort since 2008’s Startin’ Fires. Sure, there are several illusions to the thrill of the taste here, but given the events of the past year (and we all know what they are), he shows a tendency to venture toward a little more depth here. ….” -Sounds Like Nashville

“….Blake Shelton has never really been one to wear his heart on his sleeve. But on “If I’m Honest” (Warner Music Nashville), arriving in the aftermath of his divorce from Miranda Lambert and the new romance with fellow “The Voice” coach Gwen Stefani last year, Shelton is positively Taylor Swiftian in his transparency about his love life…..” — Newsday

Check back for more reviews as they arrive. Critics are having their say, yes, and it’s time to see what the music-buying public thinks of this “honest” album, ripped from the headlines that just so happen to be the life story of the artist himself. You can see music videos and Blake Shelton’s ‘If I’m Honest’ album cover art below!

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