Caroline Flack covers Women’s Health UK and revealed the fitness secrets that led to her weight loss success. ‘The X Factor UK’ host also opened up about the body shaming in social media that motivated her to take action and make changes.

Caroline Flack

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It’s a familiar story, a celebrity attacked by cyberbullies, Internet trolls, whatever you might want to call them. The end result is the same, public shaming for nothing more than the size and shape of one’s body.

This time around, it was 36-year-old Caroline Flack, host of ‘The X Factor UK’ for the past several years, who was the brunt of such cruelty. While she looks fabulous on the cover of Women’s Health UK — and recently caused quite a stir on the red carpet revealing her weight loss success (photos below) at the House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards, there’s a backstory and she shares it with the publication.

She aid, “I’m bored of moaning about it to be honest.” She went on to say, “I really would hate to think that was the reason I decided to get my body in better shape – really hate it.” Continuing, she added, “But maybe inside somewhere, a little bit, it might have been.”

She also revealed how it had taken its toll on her, saying, “I ignored [the online abuse] for a long time. I ignored it kind of knowing it was there – like not opening those bills that you know have arrived.” She added, “And one time I looked. I’ll never forget what night it was because it felt really sh-t. I learned my lesson not to look.”

As for her transformation, she reflected upon her success, saying, “‘I’m nearer the size 8-10 now as my body shape has changed, but it was never my intention to get down to a size 6 or anything.”

She added, “I didn’t want to get skinny, just strong. But actually the best thing about all of this is how I feel.” She explained that her weight loss transformation had also led to a change in her “mindset.” Underscoring what that change has meant for her, she told the publication, “Before if I’d had a stressful day I’d go to meet my friends in the pub and have a moan. Now I go to yoga.”

Caroline Flack didn’t reveal her starting weight or her current weight, but it’s clear that she’s dropped the pounds and, along with it, become more toned and fit as the Women’s Health UK photo spread, which you can see below, reveals.

But equally clear, this is not a case of extreme weight loss and yet, she was nonetheless body shamed and that’s an indictment of our society’s ridiculously harsh standards of beauty. Thankfully, she was able to turn the experience into a positive, and to not go to extremes to become, in her words, “skinny” but rather to take the opportunity to become fitter and stronger, mentally and physically.

You can see more excerpts of the interview here and see before and after photos of Caroline Flack’s weight loss success below.

Photos: Caroline Flack
Credit: PR Photos

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