Kristen Stewart opened up about her affair with Rupert Sanders, spoke out about questions over her sexual orientation, as well as why she chose to work with Woody Allen in ‘Cafe Society,’ despite the ongoing controversy, and other topics. The former ‘Twilight Saga’ star gave a rare, candid interview that’s getting much buzz.

Kristen Stewart

Photo: Kristen Stewart
Credit: PR Photos

The 26-year-old actress did rise to global fame with ‘Twilight Saga’ and lived through shame and scorn when her affair with ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’ director Rupert Sanders became public, and led both to his divorce from wife Liberty Ross and her breakup with her ‘Twilight Saga’ co-star Robert Pattinson. And no matter how many years go by — and by now, quite a few — she’s still dogged with questions.

In her wide-ranging cover story interview with Variety — ostensibly to promote the Woody Allen comedy, ‘Cafe Society,’ which has its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival — she made some rare comments on that affair, saying, “Women are so judgmental of each other.” She went on to elaborate, saying, “It’s very innate, instinctive, f—ed-up, animal-like.”

Continuing, she spoke broadly of the dark side of fame and said, “It was something that was a nuisance.” She added, “How do you resent me if you’ve actually never met me?”

Kristen Stewart also made it clear that the “scandal” as she called it, in the interview, isn’t what kept her from being cast in the sequel movie, “The Huntsman: Winter’s War.”

She said of it, “I read a few scripts. None of them were good. None of them were greenlight-able. And I had a meeting with Universal about the places where the story could go. Maybe Chris [Hemsworth] was more into it. I actually don’t f—ing know.”

She went on to say, “It wasn’t a situation where I got kicked off a movie because I got in trouble. We had been in talks months after that about making something work, and it never came together.”

As for questions about her sexuality, she opened up to Variety and gave some responses that some many applaud even as others may find them baffling, if not a dodge. She has never made public declarations about past relationships, including Alice Cargile and the French music artist Soko, both of whom she’s been photographed with.

In declaring herself in favor of the LGBT community and what it’s accomplishing. She said, “I find the movement that’s occurring to be so important, that I want to be part of it.”

But that said she went on to stress she doesn’t apply the word “gay” to herself. When asked about that, she said of her sexuality, “Me not defining it right now is the whole basis of what I’m about.” She added, “If you don’t get it, I don’t have time for you.”

As for being a paparazzi target when she’s in public with women she’s dating, she said, “As much as I want to protect myself, it’s not about hiding. As soon as you start throwing up so many walls, you cannot see over them yourself, so you just start isolating in a way that’s not honest. I definitely found where I’m comfortable.”

She also spoke about how attitudes are shifting, especially among her generation, and said, “There’s acceptance that’s become really rampant and cool.” She added, “You don’t have to immediately know how to define yourself.”

And not least, she opened up about Woody Allen and the controversy that continues to swirl around the director both for the childhood sexual-abuse allegations that Mia Farrow’s daughter Dylan Farrow made against him, and, in recent years has reiterated, most notably in an open letter published in the ‘New York Times’ in which she had harsh words for Hollywood stars who continued to work with him.

Kirsten Stewart said that she had spoken about it with her co-star in the movie, Jesse Eisenberg. She told Variety, “I was like, ‘What do you think?’ ‘We don’t know any of these people involved. I can personalize situations, which would be very wrong.’”

Elaborating, Stewart added, “At the end of the day, Jesse and I talked about this. If we were persecuted for the amount of sh-t that’s been said about us that’s not true, our lives would be over. The experience of making the movie was so outside of that, it was fruitful for the two of us to go on with it.”

Kristen Stewart’s full interview is here along with the inside photos. You can see Kristen Stewart’s Variety magazine cover photo and the ‘Cafe Society’ trailer below.