Meghan Trainor’s new album is ‘Thank You.’ The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter who rose to fame with the smash hit and cultural phenom ‘All About that Bass’ is back with a sophomore release and the critics are weighing in. Here’s a roundup of reviews.

Meghan Trainor

Photo: Meghan Trainor
Credit: PR Photos

After getting an early start at a teen both at songwriting and as a singer, Meghan Trainor had a breakthrough viral hit in ‘All About that Bass,’ a song that became an anthem celebrating body image and acceptance. And with that hit, her career skyrocketed. And along with fame, she found herself right in the nexus of the ongoing dialogue on women’s bodies and acceptance of women of all sizes.

While there are always the risks of one-hit-wonder status, she did go on to win the much-coveted Best New Artist Grammy Award for her platinum-selling debut album, ‘Title.’

In a recent interview, Trainor told the L.A. Times, “New artist you can’t win again, you know? You can’t be nominated ever again. It’s the coolest thing I could have ever asked for in all my dreams.”

Now she she’s back with her new album, her sophomore album, ‘Thank You’ and she told the newspaper, ““It’s so different from the first one.” She went on to explain, saying, “There’s a new hip-hop/urban sound, where I rap more; there’s the classic just me and a guitar sound — on a song called ‘Hopeless Romantic’ — and you’ll have me and the ukulele, I didn’t throw away the uke yet.”

She has continued in the feminist anthem strata with the lead single ‘No,’ which has gone on to become a hit, and in so doing fills another void in the dialogue. But, in a surprising turn, in the days leading up to the release of ‘Thank You,’ Trainor finds herself revisiting the dialogue sparked by ‘All About that Bass.’

Her music video for ‘Me Too’ was released, and when the social media chatter turned to the digital altering of her waistline, she took action. No, she didn’t just talk about it, she literally had the video yanked from VEVO and, in a Snapchat video (below) explained that the alteration was not at her behest and that she had no knowledge of it. Once again, taking a stand.

Nothing like a controversy to generate publicity, not to mention anticipation of the new version of the music video. Meghan Trainor’s also in the news for penning Jennifer Lopez’s new single ‘Ain’t Your Mama,’ which is yet another feminist anthem, and is getting a lot of buzz.

Meanwhile, critics are weighing in on ‘Thank You’ and you can see a roundup below.

“….Though she’s changed her hair color and updated her sound from retro to dated, Meghan Trainor continues to peddle a myopic, commercialized brand of feminism on her sophomore effort, Thank You…..” -Slant Magazine

“….Trainor’s girl-next-door charm is often laid on candy-cute, but on Thank You she demonstrates real dance-pop agility. Some of these songs will be moving feet for a good while to come…..” — The Arts Desk

Check back for more reviews as they arrive. After Best New Artist Grammy win and a platinum selling album, not to mention an iconic hit, the expectations couldn’t be higher. Met or not? Ultimately, it’s up to the music-buying public, as always. You can see music videos and Meghan Trainor’s ‘Thank You’ album cover art below!