Jennifer Lopez premiered ‘Ain’t Your Mama,’ the music video for her new and it’s causing quite a stir. The superstar is seen in a visual tour de force, portraying female archetypes including a 1950s housewife and more.

Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Jennifer Lopez
Credit: PR Photos

Yes, a new music video all from the 46-year-old multi-hyphenate who has been, of late, after wrapping up the final season of ‘American Idol’ in the NBC TV police drama ‘Shades of Blue’ while also maintaining her headlining show in Las Vegas.

Now there’s a new music video for her latest single which is unabashedly a feminist anthem. ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ was penned by Meghan Trainor who herself rose to fame with an anthemic song of her own, ‘All About that Bass.’ Jennifer Lopez originally debuted the song during the American Idol series finale in an elaborately staged performance as she and her backup dancers dressed up like maids.

And now the music video arrives with quite a stir, as she samples lines from Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton talking about equality and women’s rights in her often quoted “Human rights are women’s rights” speech. One could be mistaken for thinking this was some sort of campaign ad, but the montage goes on, as if that voiceover didn’t have the explosive political context that it has these days.

The issues of gender and equality have been talked about and dissected endlessly, of course. Now Jennifer Lopez offers her spin on with a song that just might become iconic, much like Helen Reddy’s ‘I Am Woman’ of the 1970s. If nothing else, it shows that in some ways not much as changed. We still have the unfortunate war of the sexes and sexism, just now a different lexicography to describe the gripes and the grievances.

And as for the music video, it’s ripe for gifs and memes with Jennifer Lopez seen in a variety of costumes to take us through the last several decades of the struggle for women’s equality, from the aforementioned housewife of the Fifties right through a ‘9 to 5′ style Eighties woman — with big hair and the massive shoulder pads of that era — facing power struggles in the office. The overarching story line pays homage to the movie ‘Network’ and the famous ‘I’m mad as hell” scene.

The new single is reportedly the lead single of the superstar’s upcoming ninth studio album, but as of yet there’s no title or release date. It will be her first album since ‘A.K.A.’ which was released in 2014.

You can see Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ music video below!