Dixie Chicks covered Beyonce’s song ‘Daddy Lessons’ from her surprise album ‘Lemonade’ during their concert in Manchester, England and the video, which you can see here, is going viral. The song has sparked much discussion and a bit of controversy not just over its subject matter but over its country music leanings.

Dixie Chicks

Photo: Dixie Chicks
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There wouldn’t be a Beyonce album without controversy, let’s face it. The superstar entertainer has always been willing to push the envelop, regardless of the flack she gets, and all the while her iconic stature in the world continues to rise.

‘Lemonade,’ of course has provoked nonstop chatter in social media and mainstream media as well. It’s been quite the smörgåsbord. There’s the criticism over ‘Formation’ being anti-police and there’s the collective detective work underway to find out who is the ‘Becky with the Good Hair’ that Beyonce accuses of having an affair with her husband, Jay Z.

There’s also ‘Daddy Lessons’ and the perceived backstory, as Beyonce years ago fired her father Matthew Knowles, who had been her longtime manager, since childhood.

Enter the Dixie Chicks, obviously no strangers to controversy themselves, for those who remember some of their political stances over the years. In the midst of their DCX MMXVI World Tour — their first in a decade — the trio covered ‘Daddy Lessons’ and thus settled a score for those who had criticized the song for not being a true country song. One listen settles that quickly.

The multi-Grammy winning trio — Natalie Maines, Martie Erwin Maguire, and Emily Erwin Robison — delivered a stunning and heartfelt rendition of the song in their concert in Manchester, England, and its tough and touchy lyrics even as Beyonce herself is taking it all over the world in her Formation Tour.

As for the backlash, Vanity Fair reports that some critics are taking Beyonce to task, most notably Alison Bonaguro, a music critic for Country Music Television (CMT).

She said in part, “Sure, Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade has a song with some yee-haws, a little harmonica and mentions of classic vinyl, rifles and whiskey. But all of the sudden, everyone’s acting like she’s moved to Nashville and announced that she’s country now. Just because of this song ‘Daddy Lessons.’”

Even Beyonce’s co-writer, R&B singer-songweriter Kevin Cossom, is weighing in on the controversy. In a recent interview, he told, Billboard that the backstory — “Her father was hard on her, didn’t want nobody to take advantage of her” — led to the song.

Cossom said, “It painted a country picture in our minds. It sounded tough. “So my daddy said shoot.” You see the whiskey on the table. You see the rifle. It just had that feel to it. It didn’t take the hip-hop element to make it tough, which I think is very cool especially for Beyonce. And it goes with her being from Texas. Her vibe to it just makes sense for how it all came together.”

Now that the Dixie Chicks have mined the song for all of its country intonation and inflections, perhaps others will follow. But in the meantime, as the controversy rages on, the trio is in the midst of their DCX MMXVI World Tour, throughout this year, wrapping with a final concert in October at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

You can see the full video of Dixie Chicks’ covering Beyonce’s ‘Daddy Lessons’ below!