Tia Santoro, the baby mama and girlfriend of NBA legend Glen Rice, is now his wife! You can see photos of the happy couple on their wedding day and find out about the nuptials that just five years ago, seemed quite unlikely.

Photo: Tia Santoro and Glen Rice
Credit: Instagram

The 48-year-old former Miami Heat guard Glen Rice and his new bride, Tia Santoro posted numerous wedding photos on social media, via Instagram which you can see below, with hashtag #WhiteOnRice2016.

According to Page Six, the couple tied the knot in Miami at Viscaya, a posh museum and garden, and had a rehearsal dinner at Four Seasons in Miami with Former Chicago Bulls star and NBA Hall of Famer NBA legend Scottie, formerly of the Chicago Bulls, among the guests.

The bride wore a beautiful wedding dress — identified as a Monique Lhuillier gown — yet, as noted, five years ago, it seemed improbable that she might see this day. Glen Rice demanded a paternity test in 2011 when she gave birth to their daughter, Bella.

And later, after a breakup, as TMZ reported at the time, Rice had refused to allow her back into the residence to collect her belongings and she had to request police assistance to do so. This along with many other eye-raising details of the couple’s dissolution made headlines.

But now, here we are, years later, seeing glowing pictures of a happy couple. The details of the Tia Santoro biography are once again of keen interest. Fortunately, for the curious such details are not difficult to uncover as she is active in social media, not to mention the years of tabloid coverage, which will tend to remove that veneer of private citizenship quickly, for better or worse. You can find her on Instgaram. Not only is she the three-time NBA All Star’s new wife, she’s also the he operations manager for his new company, Glen Rice Basketball.

You can see many more pictures below. Tia Santoro is now Glen Rice’s wife!

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