Gwyneth Paltrow graces the cover of Red magazine and opens up about her divorce from Chris Martin and the efforts she and her former husband have made to keep the family together. She also shares her thoughts on turning 40.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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It’s a divorce that continues to be of interest to celebrity watchers. the 43-year-old Oscar-winning actress, Goop founder and lifestyle entrepreneur. Nonetheless, live goes on for her and she’s on the promo trail for her latest book, the cookbook, “It’s All Easy: Delicious Weekday Recipes for the Super-Busy Home Cook.”

A couple years later, but she has not quite lived down the uproar over the announcement that she and her husband had split. The now infamous “conscious uncoupled” announcement has been mercilessly spoofed and mocked. But that is how the world learned that she split from her husband, the 38-year-old Chris Martin, frontman of Coldplay, a band most recently known for being overshadowed by Beyonce at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show.

She told the UK’s Red magazine about what the emotional impact of the split has been, saying, ‘It’s also almost about having to press the ‘override’ button whenever you feel angry or jealous or whatever, broken-hearted.”

Continuing, she added, “‘I’m going back to the baseline of I love this person, he is the father of my children, he’s a wonderful man. I’m just going to put my s–t aside for right now. It really has not been easy for me at times, I’m sure it’s not been easy for him.”

She also opened up about the couple’s two children, and being attentive to their needs. She told the magazine, “But when we said we’re going to put the children first, we meant [it]. If you want to put your children first, then why are you slagging your husband off in front of them?”

Elaborating, she said, “So we really tried [and] that meant I’m gonna check my shit at the door, and I’m going to focus on all the reasons that I love you, that you’re like my brother and my family forever.”

While there’s been much discussion about the split, Paltrow hasn’t been in the midst of it. It’s a rare interview and it’s been upwards of a year since she’s made public comments about her former husband. Last year, she said in an interview that she and Martin were “very, very close, and it’s so nice.” She added, “I feel like it’s, in a way, the relationship we were meant to have.”

Now being that she’s an A list Hollywood actress over the age of 40, she was naturally asked about that very topic of aging and she opened up about turning 40.

She said, ““At 40, my life changed so much. I think every woman around that time gets this massive software upgrade. You‘re just different. You’re upgraded.”

Continuing, she went on to speak of being “true” to herself and being “brave” and being willing “to truly accept yourself and love yourself and really forgive yourself for your mis-steps.”

She added, “So it’s been a long interesting road to get to the place where I feel really content and that I really know myself and like myself. I wish they could teach girls to do this when they are 16 instead of 40, but that’s part of life.”

You can see the full interview with Red magazine here and see the cover photo below.

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