Amanda Peet opened up about aging, Botox, plastic surgery and more in a powerful essay that’s going viral. The actress reveals that she plans to never undergo any such procedures and why she is taking such an unequivocal stance.

Amanda Peet

Photo: Amanda Peet
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The 44-year-old actress now numbers among the growing ranks of women in Hollywood who have preemptively addressed the topic of aging. She’s not responding to “changing face” rumors or making denials of plastic surgery. Instead, she is throwing down the proverbial gauntlet down.

Indeed, the title alone of her essay, published in Lena Dunham’s ‘Lenny Letter’ tells us what we need to know “Never Crossing the Botox Rubicon.” She reveals the extent of her own plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures — that there are none. Zip. Nada.

But, while me might think that this is all part of a political stance, indeed a defiance, of expectations about women in Hollywood and aging and the still all-too-obvious and damning double standard, she goes on to reveal that’s not the case.

She makes a candid omission in saying, “It’s painfully obvious, but I’m still ashamed to admit this: I care about my looks. How else can I explain my trainer, stylist, and Barney’s card?”

She goes on to say, “I’ve bleached my teeth, dyed my hair, peeled and lasered my face, and tried a slew of age-defying creams. More than once, I’ve asked the director of photography on a show to soften my laugh lines. Nothing about this suggests I’m aging gracefully.”

Continuing, she adds, “Yet for me, it would be crossing the Rubicon to add Botox and fillers into the mix. I want to look younger (and better), trust me. The only reason I don’t do it is because I’m scared.’

She goes on to detail her fears, both of becoming dependent on such enhancement as well as the possible risks.

She says, “I’m afraid one visit to a cosmetic dermatologist would be my gateway drug. I’d go in for a tiny, circumscribed lift and come out looking like a blowfish. Or someone whose face is permanently pressed up against a glass window. Or like I’m standing in the jet stream of a 747.”

Continuing, she adds, “What’s the point of doing it if everyone can tell?. I want the thing that makes me look younger, not the thing that makes me look like I did the thing.”

She opens up about her disdain for other body parts, saying, “I’m not happy about my saggy boobs, which, left to their own devices, resemble my grandmother’s bingo wings.”

She then expresses her concerns about medical complications saying, “‘I’m afraid that if I got a surgical lift, there would be some complication from the procedure, like septic shock. I’d be punished for being an ingrate about having made it this far in one (wrinkly) piece.”

Amanda Peet also discusses the sad realities of aging for women in Hollywood, and says, “Recently, I was told I was ineligible for a movie because I wasn’t “current” enough. I’m constantly pushed out by younger talent, like Alicia Vikander.”

Elaborating, she explains, “You might think, “Wait, she’s 27 and a gorgeous movie star, and you’re 44 and a low-tier, TV-mom-type; you’re not in the same ballpark.” But she is squeezing me out.”

She also reflects upon the impact upon her daughters — she has three children with husband, David Benioff, co-creator of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones.’

She says, “Another frightening scenario is that one or both of my daughters will do as I did in my youth: go to college, take Feminist Texts and Theory, and stop shaving their legs and armpits. As hard-core feminists, they’ll write me off.”

She goes on to explain, “I’ll cry, ‘Why aren’t you coming home for Thanksgiving?’ And they’ll be like, ‘You’re nothing but a foot soldier for the beauty industrial complex.’ Letting my face age naturally will be my ace in the hole. My counterclaim. Proof that I didn’t pander to the male gaze.”

You can see the full essay here.

Powerful words, as she comes to the place of acceptance. In that way she’s a fellow traveler, so to speak, the 43-year-old Cameron Diaz, who’s the co-author of the recently published “The Longevity Book” rsaid in a ‘GMA’ live interview in response to whether she was afraid about turning 40, she said, “”Why should I be afraid of turning 40?” and added, “Heck no. Why should I be afraid? Beats the alternative.”

So, we can now dd Amanda Peet to the “heck no” chorus. She’s yet another actress in Hollywood to push back against these impossible standards, and of what happens to actresses when, shockingly, they dare to age.