Jahira Dar is the longtime girlfriend of Cesar Millan and now she is his fiance and wife to be! The former ‘Dog Whisperer’ star and current ‘Cesar 911′ star broke the news with a photo on Instagram of the romantic proposal. Now the actress’ pictures are of great interest and you can see them right here and get the latest updates.

Jahira Dar and Cesar Millan

Photo: Jahira Dar and Cesar Millan
Credit:PR Photos

The 46-year-old celebrity dog behaviorist proposed to the -year-old Jahira Dar, his bride to be and captured the moment in an Instagram pic which you can see below.

Not only is it a beautiful photo of the couple, but Millan opens up about his passion for the woman he intends to spend his life with. He said in part, of his girlfriend of more than six years, “She is beautiful inside and out, extremely supportive of my entire family and me… AND SHE LOVES DOGS!” Yes, with the requisite capital letters, as we would expect.

For his many followers on Instagram, she has frequently made an appearance in romantic photos, sometimes on the red carpet, sometimes alongside the dogs. And we can presume we will be seeing much, much more of her in coming days.

Following the announcement, Millan shared some details exclusively with People. It was quite the romantic setting, Athens, Greece. The couple dined at a restaurant at the top Mount Lycabettus, overlooking, the Acropolis. And not only that, but as he popped the question there was a violinist playing.

He told the celebrity news outlet, “I wanted the proposal to be special and to surprise her, so I spent months planning our trip to Greece.” He added, “I am still proud of myself that I never gave it away!”

The wedding will be the second for Cesar Millan who was previously married to Ilusión Millan. The couple divorced in 2010 after 16 years of marriage and he first began dating Jahira Dar in August of that year.

He also opened up about what the relationship has meant to him over these years that have seen him go through turmoil. He said, “Jahira came into my life at just the right time. She was instrumental in helping me rebuild my life and my family after my divorce and break from the Dog Whisperer television show,”

The details of the Jahira Dar biography are of heightened interest along with the pictures, which you can see below. She is from the Dominican Republic and is an actress and a former stylist and wardrobe assistant, according to People.

The couple has walked the red carpet over the years as photos attest. You can see many more pictures of Jahira Dar, Cesar Millan’s wife to be, below!

Photos: Jahira Dar and Cesar Millan
Credit:PR Photos

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