Jennifer Susan Kline, formerly Mrs. America was arrested in Minnesota and faces felony charges for allegedly making more than $5,000 in fraudulent returns to Macy’s. See the mugshot and find out more about this latest development in the life of the former beauty queen that has brought her back into the headlines all over the world.

Jennifer Susan Kline

Photo: Jennifer Susan Kline

The story of the 50-year-old former beauty queen — crowned Mrs. America in 1989 a year after being crowned Mrs. Minnesota — has become international news. That’s one of the consequences of success in beauty pageants; run-ins with the law go viral, and the booking photo is out there forever and ever, even if one is later found not guilty or had charges dropped. She had her heyday years ago and now is the subject of unwanted publicity.

After her pageant victory, she has a stint as a host on ShopNBC but has not made news in recent years. Now Jennifer Susan Kline, who resides in Wayzata, Minnesota, has been arrested.

According to WCCO, quoting the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, she is alleged to have purchased designer clothing valued at approximately $5,790 on two different shopping trips last November in Edina, Minnesota at at Macy’s Southdale Mall; $2,884 worth on the first trip and, the next day, a total of $2,907.

She then made numerous returns in Bloomington, Minnesota at Macy’s Mall Of America, and received $5,501 worth of refunds to her credit cards and to gift cards. Court records go on to note that tags and labels on the clothing had been switched and thus the clothing couldn’t be identified as coming from Macy’s.

According to a Macy’s asset protection detective, some of the clothing was dirty and/or showed signs of wear. The detective then notified the police. A police search of her home turned up 24 items of clothing which had been originally purchased at Macy’s and that she had supposedly returned.

Jennifer Susan Kline has been charged with charged with felony theft by swindle. The maximum sentence for the charge is 10 years in prison plus a $20,000 fine.

Check back for updates in the story of the arrest of former Mrs. America Jennifer Susan Kline. Meanwhile, you can see a video report below.