Jay Camilleri,reportedly the boyfriend of Sam Smith is opening up about his past struggles with eating disorders. The British model and former reality TV star speaks about battling both anorexia and bulemia during his early modeling days.

 Jay Camilleri

Photo: Jay Camilleri
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The 25-year-old is known in the UK for his appearance in the reality TV series, ”Dirty Sexy Things.’ several years ago, famously describing himself as a “bisexual party boy.” Of late he has been romantically linked with the British music superstar Sam Smith, also 25 years old.

In an interview with FEMAIL in the UK, he spoke out about his past struggles, which began after he was discovered and signed as a model at age 19. He told the publication that his lowest weight was seven-and-a-half stones (105 pounds) — and that he was determined to fit into women’s pants, size 26″ waist. Now recovered, the five-foot-eleven Camilleri weighs 12 stone, or 168 pounds.

He also spoke of the extreme lengths he went to in altering his appearance. He said, “If I was shooting I wouldn’t eat for days beforehand to make me look slimmer.” His workouts were just as extreme. He said, “‘I’d do an hour of cardio, and an hour of weights in the evening. I pushed weights to tone up, I didn’t want to get any bigger.’

He told the UK Mirror of how Sam Smith has been an encouragement to him in his continued recovery.

Smith, of course, has famously lost quite a bit of weight and his spoken openly of how Amelia Freer, the celebrity nutritionist and author of ‘Eat Nourish and Glow’ has helped him in his own struggles wtih food and emotional eating. His dramatic transformation has been much discussed, and he himself has documented it on Instagram.

In summing up his journey, he said in an interview last year, “”It’s not even about weight loss it’s about feeling happy in yourself.”

Jay Camilleri said, “I suffered hell with anorexia and now I love my food and put on weight if I’m not careful. Sam’s lost weight but he’s supportive.”

He went on to speak of his current endeavors, revealing the depth of his devotion to the issue and to helping others. He told the newspaper, “I’m producing a documentary on men’s weight issues, as it hasn’t really been covered, and set up a charity for eating ­disorders for friends and family of people suffering and who don’t know how to cope. I’m hoping Sam, who’s had his own weight battles, will be the patron.”

It’s much needed. To this day the public perception of eating disorders is very much skewered; that men also struggle is not widely recognized, and so just imagine for the sufferer himself, where will he turn? Or will he even recognize that he has a struggle?

Jay Camilleri does a tremendous service even in speaking out. After all it’s not the usual interview of the new love interest of a famous person although for the curious, he did address that, saying, “I want to prove myself and I’m not the sort of person who wants to trade on somebody else’s fame but, let’s face it, modelling isn’t going to be a long-term career. I mean, I’m no David Gandy.”

You can see the full interview here, as Jay Camilleri opens up about his teen years and the struggles with eating, being overweight and bullied, that led him to anorexic and bulemic days.

Photos: Jay Camilleri
Credit: PR Photos