Gigi Hadid was stunning on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, wearing a figure-hugging pantsuit and rocking a new hairstyle with bangs. See the photos and the video that are going viral and get the latest updates on this much-sought after model and actress.

Gigi Hadid
Photo: Gigi Hadid
Credit: PR Photos

The 20-year-old Australian model was a standout at the red carpet of the annual awards. A long fan favorite, the MTV Movie Awards, much like their musical counterparts, the VMAs, bring out the extremes of fashion. There are no set rules and one never mistakes what one sees for the formality and haute couture of the Oscars.

Giga Hadid graced the red carpet in a black pinstripe Versace suit and made it all the more alluring with a lacy bra peaking through. The pantsuit was almost futuristic, like something we might expect to see in one of the superhero movies. But it just goes to show, fashion forward doesn’t always have to mean sci fi; we’ve seen some exciting red carpet fashions that rival anything in a fictitious future universe!

She’s in the news these days for the rather successful foray her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, has made as a solo artist. His new album, ‘Mind of Mine’ is toppign charts all over the world, and she has been by his side, literally at the album release party, and, of course, before that, the couple made quite the splast in the ‘Pillow Talk’ music video which left little to the imagination and which she, incidentally, directed.

While he did not walk the red carpet with her, he became a topic of discussion when E!News interviewed her. She spoke about their recent photo shoot for Vogue magazine and told the celebrity outlet, “”I wish I could be on set with him every day. It doesn’t feel like work when he’s there.” She went on to say, “It was really fun. We had the best time. It was an adventure to go where we shot it.”

She was also asked about that ‘Pillow Talk’ video and whether there’s another collaboration in the works. She said, “”Not sure about another. We got one done. I think it’s important for artists to change creativity throughout each music video. Maybe in a couple of years.”

But before there was Zayn Malik and all the intrigue that goes along with being the girlfriend of a pop music superstar, she was already a rising star on her own. Yes, he’s the daughter of a model, as we know, her mother, is Yolanda Hadid, formerly known as Yolanda Foster, and one of the stars of ‘Real Housewives of Beverley Hills.’

In her own right, she’s had quite a diverse career, in the modeling world, straddling usually separate worlds, as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model on the one hand, as well as a runway model for the likes of Tom Ford and Moschino among others. No doubt this is just the very beginning.

See the photos of Gigi Hadid at the MTV Movie Awards below!

Photos: Gigi Hadid
Credit: PR Photos

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