Olivia Munn graces the cover of ‘Fashion’ magazine and opens up about the plastic surgery rumors about her and explains her changing appearance. She also speaks out about sexism in Hollywood and more in a candid interview.

Olivia Munn

Photo: Olivia Munn
Credit: PR Photos

The 35-year-old ‘Ride Along 2′ and ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ star is just the latest to be the target of rumors and speculations and this is much of what she discusses with Fashion Magazine. She has been subjected to the dreaded “changing face” criticism. It’s a familiar template by now. Actress is seen in public looking somehow “different” and social media goes into a frenzy.

She spoke at length about how her ethnicity and makeup is responsible for these variances and told the publication, “Being multi-ethnic―I’m half Chinese, half white―brings up a whole set of complications that people don’t even think about when it comes to being photographed. I have more of a white appearance on the outside, but my bone structure is very much Asian. I have high cheekbones and smaller eyes.”

She went on to speak about makeup, saying, “When you put shimmer on the inside of my eyes, I immediately look cross-eyed. If you put too heavy of an eyelash on me, it looks like my eyes are halfway closed.”

She added, “As an actor, you can be completely transformative and take on different roles. As an individual in the world, it’s a totally different story―we live in a time where there’s so many pictures that bring so much scrutiny. When your face changes because of makeup, it’s hard to let people know that you’re not actually doing surgery or fillers.”

Earlier this year, she took to Instagram and posted the side-by-side pics that sparked all the rumors (below) and opened up about all the rumors on her saying, “”I lost 12 pounds this past year while training for Xmen. I kept it off by coming up w/an hour workout I do a few times a week.”

She added, “The weight loss leaned out my cheeks and jawline. Working out is also great for your skin because it increases blood flow to your face which helps rejuvenate.” And from there she launched into what amounted to a fascinating and valuable tutorial on skin care and makeup.

Later in the interview, Olivia Munn also decried the rampant sexism in Hollywood and the intense scrutiny that women are subjected to. She said, ““People have so much to say about Lena Dunham getting naked on Girls. To me, that is more of a problem. That’s where it’s unfair: the judgment that is put on women for how we look. If you’re looking bad, you have to cover up. If you’re looking good, you’ve done something or made a deal with the devil.”

The full interview is here. You can see Olivia Munn’s ‘Fashion’ Magazine cover as well as the photo shoot and the aforementioned Instagram pics below.