Ashley Graham graces the cover of Maxim in a memorable photo, and the inside pictures are just as enticing. The model who made history with her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover is continuing her trailblazing ways. She opens up about her mission in the fashion industry and more in the interview.

Photo: Ashley Graham
Credit: Instagram

The 28-year-old Ashley Graham is disrupting the fashion world to say the least. Now she has a second major coup, covering Maxim, that other magazine known for picking the up-to-the-minute sexiest women. As such, she’s the first plus-size model to cover the men’s mag. The self-described “curva-sexalicious” model is just that, and with minimal clothing. The cover is stunning as she’s covered with a strategically placed white shirt. Yes, that wardrobe basic has found a new life as a tantalizing prop.

The photos (more below) were shot by legendary photographer Gilles Bensimon. True to form, they are just as racy as we would expect from the iconic publication. One in particular sees strategically placed hands placed over her breasts. She reveals in the caption that those hands are those of her husband Justin Ervin; “When your husband shows up to work…”

In the interview she opens up about her new fashion line Beyond by Ashley Graham, sold exclusively at the discount retailer Dressbarn. She speaks of being inspired by such celebrities-turned-entrepreneurs as Jessica Simpson, who’s now got a fashion empire worth more than a billion dollars, as well as Jessica Alba, who heads up multi-billion dollar lifestyle brand The Honest Company and home furnishings mogul Kathy Ireland.

She said, “I know these celebrity entrepreneurs are just people. They’ve just been given the right opportunities and have soared with them. And that’s what I’m trying to do.”

According to the Maxim cover story, she also has plans beyond fashion and intends to branch out. The plans include a fitness program, authoring books and even hosting a television show along the lines of Tyra Banks. It’s just the latest interview that’s seen Ashley Graham taking a bold stance.

In an interview with Yahoo Tech she encapsulated her mission, saying, “My mantra is ‘beauty beyond size,’ and I wanted to live that through a collection, because you go from a size 4 to 24.”

And, in debuting her fashion line on live television on ‘Good Morning America,’ she spoke about what we can call a “normalization” of the fashion industry, in which “plus size” is not longer that, a separate category which, traditionally, has been relegated to a definitely “unequal” status.

She said at the time, “I’ve done a couple campaigns now where they included me with the ‘straight size’ models. … I don’t even know what to call ’em anymore, there are so many labels on all of us! I think we’re headed in that direction, where I’m not ‘the other,’ or the tagalong. I think it’s going at a very slow pace still, but it’s great working with people like Dressbarn. Change is coming. Slowly. Hopefully in the next year, you’ll see a lot more of it.”

Yes, change is coming and we can see already who’s at the forefront as the model-turned-entrepreneur is well on her way. You can see the cover story article here and Ashley Graham’s Maxim photos below!