Iggy Azalea opened up about her fiance, LA Lakers star Nick Young, addressing the cheating schedule and the rumors that the couple has split. She also defended the plastic surgery that she’s previously admitted to. It made for a lively and candid interview on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’

 Iggy Azalea

Photo: Iggy Azalea
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The 25-year-old Grammy-nominated Australian rapper has been on the promo trail for her highly anticipated ‘Digital Distortions’ album which, two years later after the debut album, ‘The New Classic,’ that made her a global music star is seen as a bit of a comeback. And now, in the midst of both a new cheating scandal plus the usual incessant backlash over her physical appearance, she had more to address in the interview than just the album. Oh, so typical these days, after all.

Yes, a cheating scandal. There’s been an uproar in social media ever since a video leaked to the Internet in which her fiance, 30-year-old NBA LA Lakers star Nick Young is seen allegedly admitting to having cheated on Iggy Azalea and talking about having had a tryst with a 19-year-old woman.

The video, shot by his 20-year-oild teammate D’Angelo Russell, has been widely reported as having caused a riff on the team as he, (Russell), not surprisingly has gotten some backlash for it. TMZ later claimed that according to “multiple sources” the video was obtained “months ago” by a third party and that Russell had nothing to do with the leak.

Iggy Azalea, no stranger to this kind of uproar, addressed it headlong. And host Ellen DeGeneres by now is a master at drawing out candid responses from celebrities who are in the midst of such unwanted publicity.

Tacitly acknowledging that there’s been speculation about Iggy Azalea wearing or not wearing her impressive engagement ring, DeGeneres observed, ““That’s a beautiful ring by the way and you’re engaged to a Laker?” After securing a “yes” response, she went on to ask about “controversy.”

Iggy Azalea replied, “Of course there is. There always is. But we’re good. There isn’t at home just on the internet.”

“At home you’re good?” DeGeneres asked, to which Azalea said, “Yeah. We’re good.”

Well, with that subject out of the way, it was on to the next controversy. The plastic surgery. Iggy Azalea in recent print interviews has gone out of her way not just to defend her choice but to question why she should even have to in this day and age.

She echoed those comments, saying, “There was nothing wrong with me. I think it’s a personal choice and anybody, man or woman, they should be able to make an informed decision and if you want to change something then that’s up to you.”

She went on to speak of her own cosmetic surgery saying, “I changed my nose and I got boobs, I didn’t have boobs before I just had nipples and now I have breasts.” Injected some much-needed levity she went on to add, “Thought I could use some, that would be a good addition.”

Below, you can see the full video of Iggy Azalea opening up about plastic surgery and the rumors about fiance Nick Young plus her performance of her new single team ‘Team.’