Margo Price’s debut solo album is ‘Midwest Farmer’s Daughter’ and the critics are raving over this breakthrough country music artist on the verge of stardom. Find out what all the excitement is about and see a roundup of reviews.

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The name may not be familiar yet, but a year from now, or even less, we will know Margo Price as the next country music superstar. It’s always exciting to see an artist emerge, especially one of such clear vision and individuality, holding fast to traditional country music roots while making them her own.

To say the least, she is not a manufactured country-pop princess. She’s also not a YouTube sensation or a reality TV talent show contestant whose video went viral. She’s been in the business for years and hers is the story of an overnight success that’s been a decade in the making.

Price is the first country music artist to sign with Jack White’s Third Man Records. The album was recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis. The time is clearly right, this second decade of the 21st century, for an artist to emerge whose embraces and is influenced by such country music legends as Loretta Lynn. Even the title, ‘Midwest Farmer’s Daughter,’ echoes Lynn’s Coal Miner’s Daughter persona.

But that said, Price is clearly not in it for tributes and throwbacks. She’s infusing country’s traditionalism with some extremely frank autobiography, with song lyrics that cover some harrowing topics including alcoholism, the loss of a child, and physical abuse.

Now as the new album arrives in full, the critics are weighing in and offering words of praise and enthusiasm. Here’s a roundup of what’s being said.

“….Daughter is best when it’s specifically first-person, when Price bends country to fit her own story rather than bend herself to fit the form. You root hard for Price to win these battles, even as you may find yourself wishing Midwest Farmer’s Daughter could transcend the hype…..” –Pitchfork

“…..Spare and lean like Loretta in her prime, Price nevertheless writes with the studied precision of a modern Americana songwriter; even when she gets explicitly autobiographical, as she does on the opening “Hands of Time,” it doesn’t play as confession ripped from the soul, it plays as poetry…..” –All Music

“….Her bold delivery and fresh take on classic tropes show she’s a master of detailing the chaos of life. She’s a double threat who can write ‘em and sing ‘em. ….” –Pop Matters

“…. Price is a thirty-something East Nashvillian originally from Illinois; the vocal style is restrained yet mighty, her songcraft amazingly vivid, and the arranging instinct spot on, with a taste for retro styling that never tilts into Gramma’s attic dress-up…..” –Rolling Stone

“….For those on the lookout for alternatives to what currently passes for country music, Midwest Farmer’s Daughter is the latest reason to cheer. ….” –Boston Globe

“….Frankly, it was getting tough to believe that any upstart could meet the expectations set for Margo Price, and yet, here we are: Midwest Farmer’s Daughter will almost certainly stand among the best country records of 2016…..” –Exclaim

It’s clear from what the critics say, this is a unique artist emerging and distinguishing herself in a country music world that has become increasingly commercialized. As we know, an artist who stands out from the cookie-cutter norm is often the one that goes on to massive success, against the proverbial odds. You can see music videos, plus Margo Price’s ‘Midwest Farmer’s Daughter’ album cover art below!