Harrison Ford opened up about why he is doing the fifth Indiana Jones movie and also talked about his character Hans Solo in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. It was all part of a lively interview on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ that’s going viral and you can see it right here!

Harrison Ford

Photo: Harrison Ford
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Well, the last time Harrison Ford had a chat with Jimmy Kimmel both of them were in costume on Halloween. The 73-year-old Oscar-winning legend was dressed up as a hot dog and the intrepid late-night talk show host was dressed up as Princes Leia. This time, wardrobe-wise both were sticking with convention, even as the conversation was, characteristically, lively and buzzworthy.

Ford was on the show to promote the DVD release of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ the JJ Abrams’ reboot that has seen both record-breaking box office success worldwide as well as, amazingly, nearly universal critical acclaim. Now if you are one of the handful of people on Planet Earth who has not seen this movie, stop and do not read any further! The next paragraph has a major spoiler!

Harrison Ford, shared his thoughts on his character being killed off in ‘The Force Awakens’ by none other than his own son, Kylo Ren, portrayed by newcomer Adam Driver.

He said of it, “You work for like 25 years for the company. You do your best. You show up every day, you do your job, and then they just let you go.”

To which Kimmel quipped, “In this case, they actually killed you.” Ford retorted, “Shocking! Shocking!” and he went on to say, “”I argued for 30 years for this to happen, and finally I wore them down.”

Naturally, for the benefit of us all, the host then asked him, “So, you won’t be in any of the other movies?”

And Harrison Ford, who’s famous for never letting plot details slip, said, “Who said that? Who made you the boss?”

So then asked, point blank — “Do you know if the character Han Solo will continue, or do you not know?” — Ford merely replied, “That’s a good question, right?”

And, as we know, Harrison Ford is known for yet another iconic character, Indiana Jones, in the franchise that has seen four movies and dates back to the debut film ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ of 1981. Now, almost 40 years later a fifth one due out in theaters, July 19, 2019.

Ford said, “I’m excited about it” and when asked if he had similar demands to terminate the life of this character, too, Ford joked, “I haven’t read the script; I’m talking about the contract!”

He went on to speak of his excitement over “the opportunity to work with Steven [Spielberg] again,” who’s slated to direct the movie, as he did with all of the others. Ford added, “It’s fun. It’s great fun to play this character. It’s great fun to work with Steven. I’m looking forward to it.”

And that was that. But there’s nothing like watching the highly skilled and long-practiced dance around details that might otherwise have gone viral. In retrospect, it is quite amazing that the fate of Hans Solo was respectfully kept under wraps.

You can see the full interview of Harrison Ford talking about those iconic characters of Indiana Jones and Hans Solo below!