Kristhielee Caride was Miss Universe Puerto Rico. That is until the pageant officials decided to strip her crown after some controversial comments she made in an interview, revealing an attitude problem. You can see the photos and get the scoop on why the beauty queen has been dethroned.

Photo: Kristhielee Caride
Credit: Instagram

It’s yet another pageant story gone viral, and, it’s that same Miss Universe pageant that’s seen quite a bit more attention this year than normal, thanks to the Steve Harvey mix-up which saw him crown Miss Colombia instead of Miss Philippines. Now this time around, as we head into the next year, we have yet another controversy.

As the Daily News reports, pageant officials held a press conference, announcing that the 24-year-old Kristhielee Caride had been relieved of her duties as Miss Universe Puerto Rico after holding the title for just four months. Officials said it was the result of an interview she gave to a newspaper in Puerto Rico in which she said she didn’t love cameras, and refused to answer some of the questions.

Desiree Lowry, national director of Miss Universe Puerto Rico, is quoted as saying, “”I wanted the earth to swallow me.” She’s further quoted as adding, “You always have to put your best face forward … it’s a given that we are going to be in front of cameras and that we have to answer all types of questions.”

Lowry also said that Caride said she was having a “personal problem” and that she didn’t apologize for the incident and also noted that Caride cancelled further appearances because she refused to reschedule a doctor’s appointment.

And with that, she was dethroned, and the new titleholder was announced; Brenda Jimenez of Aguadillal, who had been the first runner-up in the pageant. She was present at the press conference to be crowned.

In the aftermath, Caride herself has spoken out via Facebook, acknowledging her error, saying, in part, “Beauty queens are not exempt from having a bad day. I allowed my feelings to get in the way of my work.”

As for the Kristhielee Caride biography and background details that are now a subject of intense curiosity, by profession she is an actress and a model. She attended the University of Puerto Rico and received a bachelor’s degree in Theater Education and Drama Those searching for her in social media — Instagram in particular — will find she has posted numerous photos of herself modeling all kinds of clothing from swimwear to lingerie to sportswear, plus numerous selfies. There are also lots of pictures from her short-lived pageant days. You can see an assortment below.

Needless to say, the now former Miss Puerto Rico has suddenly achieve international fame, and pictures and video are going viral. Whether she can parlay all this attention in the aftermath of this G-rated scandal remains to be seen.

You can see photos of Kristhielee Caride below.