EJ Johnson opened up about his 180-pound weight loss. The ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ star also a revealed some of his diet and workout tips that are enabling him to maintain the impressive and dramatic physical transformation.

EJ Johnson EJ Johnson

Photo: EJ Johnson
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The 23-year-old son of NBA legend Magic Johnson has always been a trailblazer in fashion, and now, with the E! reality TV show ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,’ the scope of his influence is growing. He blurs the line in fashion between menswear and womenswear and as such has been his own best advertisement.

Now all the more impressive, the dramatic 180 pound weight loss — as seen in the before and after pictures above — in such a short time after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in August of 2014. Viewers of the hit series have witness this transformation. He said, in one of the episodes, “The surgery was definitely the best thing that ever happened to me. I never thought that I’d look this good, and that is the God’s honest truth.”

While the weight loss surgery has been an obvious boost, it’s still an challenge to maintain the weight loss just as it would have been with diet alone.

Yes, 180 pounds is a substantial amount of weight to lose, which of course, in the aftermath begs the question. How is he keeping the weight off? Especially being in the public eye, as a fashion influencer, he’s under the constant glare of scrutiny.

He told E!News, “For me I just constantly throughout the day I just nibble as opposed to sitting down for large meals.”

He also opened up about his workout plan, and said, “I do a lot of Pilates. “I try to get at least four days a week in, so it’s a lot of that.”

He went on to elaborate and offered some words of advice, saying, “Find a workout that’s something you love to do. For me it’s not even working out it’s just having fun. We dance a lot, we sweat and at the end of it I’m like, ‘Wow! I burned all these calories and I didn’t even know because we were just having a blast.'”

In an interview with The Daily Mail, he reflected upon the amazing transformation that he has undergone, saying, “Literally every time I see a picture I’m like ”Who is that person?” I am not quite sure.”

Continuing, he added, “I got thrown into my new life so quickly and I just adapted and this is just me. This is the me I always wanted to be anyway.”

As he told AOL, it’s more than just creating an image. He said, “Certainly, it’s a source of empowerment for myself. It has always been a way for me to express myself and get my vision and my creativity out there.”

And now 180 pounds lighter and becoming a proponent along the way for a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and fitness, we can imagine that EJ Johnson’s influence in the fashion world will continue to grow.

You can see more of EJ Johnson’s before and after weight loss photos below!

Photos: EJ Johnson
Credit: PR Photos

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