Ashley Greene graces the cover of ‘Shape’ magazine revealing a chiseled physique and impressive abs. In an interview the former ‘Twilight Saga’ star opens up about her diet, her rigorous workout routine as well as her weight loss and fitness secrets.

Ashley Greene

Photo: Ashley Greene
Credit: PR Photos

The 29-year-old actress rose to fame with ‘The Twilight Saga’ portraying Alice Cullen. And now, away from that fantasy franchise, and back to earth as we know it she’s generating quite a buzz with her stunning cover and inside photos in ‘Shape’ magazine. It marks her first time ever as the cover star.

Yes, it’s page after page of Ashley Greene, stunning not in lingerie, but in workout gear; this, of course a big hint as to the answer to the question, what’s her secret to svelte success?

She tells the publication that she has a motto that guides her success: “Be fit and fierce, but never, ever sacrifice your fun.”

And as for the specifics, Ashley Greene says of her fitness routine — which the magazine describes as a “climbing routine” — “It’s an insane full-body workout that gets your cardiovascular levels very high very quickly. It really pushes you, but it’s so fun that it’s addictive.”

Shew went on to say, “To fit my workout into my day, I have to be out the door early. That means I don’t have time to think about whether I’m tired or to come up with excuses.”

Continuing, she added, “And I’ve found that when I exercise in the morning, I have a much more productive day. After I finish my workout, I feel as if I can conquer the world.”

As her diet, “What I put into my body has a huge impact on the results I get out of it. Eating keeps my metabolism cranking.” As for the foods, they include fish, chicken, and vegetables. She avoids pasta by substituting the dieter’s favorite spaghetti squash, and another favorite, cauliflower, is a stand-in for mashed potatoes.

She did reveal she’s got some indulgences, too, along the way, namely, grits, cheese and also red wine along with a piece of Mast Brothers Sea Salt Chocolate.

You can see more of the interview and also get the full workout routine that she swears by here; a warning, it really puts the “work” in workout! Ah, but look at the results. Check out Ashley Greene’s ‘Shape’ magazine cover and photos below!