Transgender model Andreja Pejic graces the cover of ‘Marie Claire Spain, and it’s her first ever cover since her transition to a woman. The stunning photo, which you can see below, is going viral, as she continues to be a trailblazer in the fashion industry.

Andreja Pejic

Photo: Andreja Pejic
Credit: PR Photos

Before there was Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, which has brought new prominence to the transgender community, there was 24-year-old Australian model Andreja Pejic who has been forging a new path in the fashion industry. Needless to say, that’s no easy task.

Now, in yet another first for her, as her career continues on its remarkable ascendancy, she is absolutely stunning on the cover of Marie Claire Spain, which you can see below. The headline pays tribute to her efforts, “Romper El Tabú” when translated from the Spanish means “Breaking the Taboo.”

It is a landmark. Last year, Vogue magazine featured her in an article and a photo spread by renown photographer Patrick Demarchelier. She spoke out about her transition, and of how she sees the fashion world world has been changing in recent years. She said, in part, ““There are just more categories now.” She went on to elaborate, saying, “It’s good. We’re finally figuring out that gender and sexuality are more complicated.”

In an interview with Australian TV’s last year (video below) she spoke about the very public nature of her transition and said, “‘My biggest concern was how it would be perceived. People can liken it to trivial things, like you’re doing it for your career. To me that’s just crazy; to go through all of this, the psychological rehabilitation, getting the surgery.” She added, “It’s been an interesting experience, and a very positive one.”

She was also outspoken in an interview with Cosmopolitan last year, saying, “It’s just important to know that we’re living in a great period where our stories are being told and representation is getting better but it’s going to take more to improve people’s lives and change people’s lives.”

And the revolution is well underway. Much has changed just in a year since she gave that spate of interviews. Who knows what the future holds for her and her career. It’s just the first of what will surely be many magazine covers around the world.

You can see Andreja Pejic’s Marie Claire Spain cover photo below!

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