Orlando Brown was arrested in Torrance, California and charged for allegedly hitting his girlfriend. See the mugshot photo of the former Disney ‘That’s So Raven’ star and get the latest details and updates on what led to his winding up in police custody and facing multiple charges including two felonies.

Orlando Brown

Photo: Orlando Brown

The news of the arrest of the 28-year-old former Disney star — which took place last month, on January 17 — is now being reported. The story went viral and, as is usually the case, the search for the Orlando Brown booking photo (above) was as inevitable as it was rapid, even as the details of the circumstances were being reported.

And also, not surprisingly, it was TMZ who was first to break the news and confirmed it with the official documents which they have made available on the site.

According to the outlet, an eyewitness was using an ATM and spotted two people in a car arguing, and contacted the police. Brown was taken in to police custody. He was then arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and obstruction of justice. He was also charged with two felonies; drug possession with intent to sell, and possessing contraband in jail; methamphetamine.

E!News reports that Sergeant Kranke of the Torrance Police Department told them an eyewitness observed two people pull into the parking lot and begin arguing and that at that time, Brown allegedly struck his girlfriend. It was this eyewitness who went into the police station to inform them of what was going on outside.

TMZ notes that Orlando Brown was previously arrested in 2014 when he threatened a woman. He received a plea deal, paying a fine.

Before these run-ins with the law, Orlando Browm was synonymous with the Disney channel show that led to his fame; he portrayed Eddie Thomas in ‘That’s So Raven.’ He was recently seen in a supporting role, portraying Jay Locke, in the critically acclaimed movie ‘Straight Outta Compton.’

Now that’ he’s been released, he has taken to Instagram to proclaim his innocence. The posts were deleted, but you can see them here and you’ll find a transcript of what he had to say in his defense here. The story is developing; check back to get the latest updates on Orlando Brown’s arrest.