The death of ‘Mob Wives’ star ‘Big Ang’ — Angela Raiola — has led to an outpouring of condolences, tributes and remembrances on Twitter and Instagram. Many of her fellow cast members as well as celebrities, media personalities and public figures have paused to pay tribute to the reality TV star who was vocal and brave in her cancer battle which she has now lost, at age 55.

Big Ang
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After a flurry of false reports of the death of Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola, the sad and true news of her passing was confirmed via an official statement from the family on February 18th. It was Vinnie Medugno who posted on behalf of the family that she “peacefully ended her battle with cancer and was called home at 3:01 a.m.”

The statement (which you can see below) went on to say, in part that here Twitter account would remain “as a celebration of who she was and will always be.” And again, acknowledging the fans, “Thank you for your love, prayers, and unconditional support of Angela right to the very end. She truly went out richer than any monetary value could ever amount to…In typical Big Ang fashion, we know she would say, ‘Love you my babies!'”

And with that, the news was confirmed. While some celebrities understandably keep their cancer secret and their deaths are then an immense shock to the world — such as David Bowie and ‘Harry Potter’ star Alan Rickman in recent weeks — there are others who open up and share their battles.

Big Ang was among these. She was battling stage 4 brain and throat cancer and opened up in an interview on the Dr. Oz show about the toll it was taking on her, saying, in part, ““It’s destroying me, I can’t believe what I look like.” She also revealed that she was given only a 30 percent chance of survival and that she had left her husband, Neil Murphy, in the aftermath of her diagnosis. Sadly, the end came quickly as she died just days after that interview was first broadcast.

Now with the news confirmed, many took to social media to react, especially Twitter, as is always the case. It’s where rumors and hoaxes start, of course, and when sad news turns out to be true, it becomes a gathering place for mourners, famous and non-famous alike. And countless celebrities are expressing sorrow and paying tribute and celebrating the life of a beloved reality TV star.

Here is a roundup of what is being said on Instagram and on Twitter.

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Such sad news, gone way too soon. Rest in peace angel. #kisstheonesyoulove

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Reactions to the death of Big Ang continue to pour in, as #RIPBigAng and #BigAng continue to be trending topics on Twitter and many continue to share condolences and remembrances to a star who has left us much, much too soon. Our prayers for the family, friends and colleagues.