Kate Hudson opened up about her diet, weight loss and fitness secrets in a live television interview. The actress and entrepreneur has penned a book, ‘Pretty Happy’ detailing some of the tips and strategies that have led to her success.

Kate Hudson
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The 36-year-old Kate Hudson, Golden Globe winner, ‘Kung Fu Panda 3′ star and daughter of Hollywood icon Goldie Hawn is just the latest to enter the lifestyle niche as an author. Her new book is ‘Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body.’ She’s previously forged ahead in that niche with her own line of yoga and fitness clothing, Fabletics, which she co-founded, but this is her first book on the topic.

Kate Hudson opened up in a live interview on ‘Good Morning America’ and shares her passion for the topic, saying, “I’m really excited about this. It’s the first time I get to talk about this with women. It’s something I’m super passionate about, being the holistic self. For me, it’s how do you motivate women to want that to be a part of their lifestyle, the actual work part because it is a discipline.

She added, “It also has to come from each different aspects of your life. It’s mental and it’s physical.”

She went on to elaborate and say, “I think meditation is an incredible tool. I think the sanity of trying to stay as grounded as possible, what it does to your body and your brain, it starts to alleviate the stress hormones.”

Later in the interview, she addressed empowerment issues, and said, “I think women are hard on themselves. We’re predisposed to be hard on ourselves. I’d like to see that start to be alleviated.”

As for her own workout schedule, she said of it, “I travel a lot, I work a lot, so you can’t do it every day. But it makes me happy. Being active makes me feel better.”

Kate Hudson went on to detail her own approach to working out, and said, “I grew up dancing. I was very athletic. I have that tool that was instilled in me when I was young that women don’t necessarily have.”

Summing up, Kate Hudson, “It’s never too late to start that process of enjoying what it feels like to feel strong. “For me that’s really what it is, it’s about feeling strong.”

And of course, one can’t overlook Kate Hudson’s parentage. She does, as noted, have the age-defying 70-year-old Goldie Hawn as a mother, after all. She said of her famous and eternally svelte mother, “Well, she is my teacher. She’s a bunch of things. Obviously she’s an amazing actress. More than that, she’s really an inspiring woman. Also she’s a dancer.”

She went on to say of her, “Activity, health, she was on the cutting edge of green juice.”

You can see photos below from her book signing event; wearing just a simple button-down shirt and skinny jeans it’s clear that she’s doing something right. You can see excerpts from her book ‘Pretty Happy’ here as Kate Hudson opens up about her diet and weight loss secrets.Watch full interview video below!

Photoc: Kate Hudson
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